The best surfcamps in Murcia

Murcia, with warm waters and open beaches with calm waves, is a great place to start practicing surfing
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Murcia, with warm waters and open beaches with calm waves, is a great place to start practicing surfing. Aguilas, with the beaches of El Piojo, La Carolina or La Casica Verde; La Manga, with the beach of Galúa or Calblanque; and Mazarrón, with La Mojonera or Bahía-Playa Grande; are some of the surf spots that already have surf camps and surf schools to get started in this water sport.

The Region of Murcia, for the tranquility of its waters, is not associated with waves, surf, surfboards, swells... but the reality is that along with its coasts you can enjoy surfing, windsurfing, Stand Up Paddle (SUP) or kitesurfing, and there are already some good surf camps, surf schools and surf spots where you can learn, perfect and practice surfing with comfort.

So that 'do not eat the coconut' looking for a place to spend your surfing trip in the Levantine coast of Spain, from Total Surf Camp we have prepared a list with the best surf camps in Murcia so you can easily choose the one you like the most. If you click on the link, you can see more information about each one and also get in direct contact with each one, through the button 'Contact surf camp' that you will find on the page of each surf camp or surf school.

The best surf camps in Murcia

It is a school approved by the European Surf Federation, and all its instructors are certified and qualified in rescue and first aid. They offer initiation, improvement, and competition surf courses. They are open to all ages, the groups are tiny and the first quality material included. For large groups, they have exclusive discounts. They have facilities on the beach.

In your new facilities at Marina de las Salinas, you can start or improve your level of Kitesurf, Windsurf, Wakeboard and SUP in a simple, comfortable, safe and economical way, with qualified instructors, qualified and experienced in teaching these sports, since since 2002 hundreds of students have trusted them and still many of them continue enjoying today all the beaches of Spain and some parts of the planet ...

They are a benchmark in the teaching of water sports throughout the Spanish Levante coast. In their courses, safety is the most important; they have the latest news, their instructors will always watch over you and, also, all the material checked every day. Surf lessons are the best option to connect with the sea and nature.

They are specialists in teaching all kinds of water sports. Regarding surfing, they offer courses of 6 and 8 hours, to which it is possible to add additional hours. The instructors and the materials with which they work guarantee efficient and quality teaching. If you want to make waves on your own, you can also rent the surfboard.

Because of its location in the Spanish Levante, between the Valencian Community and Andalusia, Murcia is very well oriented to the arrival of 'swells' born in the northern Mediterranean and coming from the southeast of France, from the nearby Balearic Islands and also from more eastern areas, like the west of Italy.