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In shape for your next surf sessions: swimming pool training
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IN SHAPE FOR YOUR NEXT SURF SESSIONS: swimming pool training 

Surfing requires technique and tactical prowess, as well as physical and and psychological stamina. This combination of balance, strength, coordination and lung capacity is difficult to achieve without regular training (which will also help prevent muscle pain and injuries). 
Training is especially important when it comes to paddling - taking up 50% of the time we spend in the water, strong paddling is essential to catch the best waves. Surfers often take to swimming pools for their paddling training. But just swimming alone is not exactly ideal practice. If only there were a way to bring our surfboards to the pool...



Ramón Baux is a seasoned surfer. He had seen first-hand the need for an alternative for surfers looking to improve their paddling technique in pools.
So he decided to design and work on creating a surfboard that would allow him to simulate the paddling position surfers assume in the sea to allow him to train more effectively in the swimming pool.
At one training session he met Erik Barklay, who liked Baux's idea from the first minute. So they decided to team up and create SURFATOM.



Following a long test-design process that saw the pair try out 7 different prototype boards, and after consulting with different physiotherapists from different surf schools - as well as with surfers and surf coaches of all levels - we can now say they've nailed it! SURFATOM helps you work out your paddling ability and can be used in any type of pool. SURFATOM is one of the smartest and most useful bits of devices created by and for surfers. It optimizes pool training and makes it safe.

SURFATOM allows you to train all the muscle groups you use when surfing: dorsals, lower-back muscles and pecs, as well as helping you to hone your paddling technique and improve your breathing. Its design adapts to your body and offers stability, with an anti-slip cover that helps guarantee the latter.


You can incorporate SURFATOM into your daily routine without major problems or difficulties. It's ultra-light and can be carried easily: you can deflate it as many times as you want and it fits in your backpack. 
It takes less than a minute to put it together and fold it back up again! Owing to its neat size, you can use it in the swimming pool without bothering your fellow swimmers.
When you finally get to the beach, you'll be fully prepared for the best waves.

Be fit for the waves all-year round, SURFATOM optimizes pool training. Buy yours now and get a Kickstarter deal. 
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