Tahití, a paradise within reach of the surfer

The official name of the islands is French Polynesia, a group of archipelagos made up of more than 100 islands, of which Tahiti is the largest and most populated.


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Exotic destination and with an average annual temperature of 28º, whenever we have thought of Tahiti islands, the first images that haunt our mind are spectacular white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and a relaxed and happy lifestyle. Our mind is not misguided. The official name of the islands is French Polynesia, a group of archipelagos made up of more than 100 islands, of which Tahiti is the largest and most populated.

Such is the diversity of the islands that it is one of the places in the world that best represent adventure tourism along with rest. Despite the many facets of this archipelago of volcanoes and corals, Tahiti is also known for its tropical climate and fantastic waves throughout the year. This is where the important role of surfing comes in all this.

Surfing is a legendary sport and revered by the inhabitants of French Polynesia. It has historical roots of hundreds of years and was an important social element in the tribes that inhabited the islands before the arrival of the colonizers. Originally from the tribal chiefs to the people on foot, Tahiti has spent a lot of time practicing this exciting sport.

So much  that, currently approximately 20,000 of its inhabitants are regular surfers, assuming one of the main economic engines for the area. Surfing is in the Polynesian environment and has turned Tahiti into an earthly paradise for lovers of the surfboard who decide to go to the islands to surf-trips, and some thanks to the local guides, to know the spots far away on the islands more recondite and virgins.

The waves, the main attraction of this paradisiacal destination

Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, these islands allow the practice of our favorite sport from January to December. Due to the currents and tides, from November to April is the best time to practice on the coasts facing north and northwest. Between the months of June and September the best waves are found on the coasts of south and southwest orientation. But, there is a third reason why surfers around the world focus their attention on these islands...

They are known as cyclonic waves, and are formed due to the depressions and cyclones of the South Pacific that generate waves of great strength and greatly expected by the surf elite. Thanks to advances in technology these waves are located days in advance, allowing that some travel there only to catch them.

A place suitable for professionals, experts and novices

On the islands, not all waves are reserved for the most expert. On Tahiti island, there are a variety of locations where you can learn to surf, thanks to its waves breaking near the beach ("beachbreak" type waves). But also as we have said there are "reefbreak" type waves, in the reef areas, perfect to make "tubes" through them. There is even the circumstance that there are waves called by the locals as "maoti", waves of high funds, only surfed by the experts. These experts usually meet at competitions that are held on the shores of the Tahiti Islands as the Billabong Pro - Teahupoo.

Main spots and surfcamps of the archipelagos

As we have already said, French Polynesia offers plenty of places to go surfinf, depending on skill, time and budget. The most famous points are in the archipelago of the Society islands: in Tahiti (Teahupoo, Mitirapa, Tiamao, Maraa, Taapuna, Lafayette, Ahonu, Orofara, Rocky Point ...) in Moorea (Haapiti, Temae, Cook, Oponohu) and in Huahine (Fitii, Parea) but we also found more distant spots in the Austral, Marquesas and Tuamutu archipelagos.

Next, we leave you the best surfcamps and surf schools of Tahiti island, ordered according to the distance with respect to Papeete, the capital:

- Aloha Surf School Tahití

- Taie Fa’ahe’he Surf School

- Taharu Surf Lodge

- Anakena Surf Camp

- Vanira Lodge

French Polynesia is a perfect place to unwind and practice the sport that motivates you throughout the year. We hope that the article has served to awaken curiosity about this peculiar and exotic area of the world. You can find more articles about surfcamps in idyllic destinations in our blog.