Frequently Asked Questions

Adding, removing and modifying your surfcamp

How do I add a surfcamp to TotalSurfCamp?
In the top right of the TotalSurfCamp homepage you will find the “Add your surfcamp” button, then you’ll find “Plans and prices,” including a free one. After that, you only have to fill out the form and select “Send.”

How can I manage my surfcamp page if I haven’t upgraded?
In order to manage your surfcamp, you must select one of the 2 Premium options: Basic or Total.
Otherwise, you can use the contact form and we will change it, if it is within the conditions of the free package.

How do I say there’s an error in a surfcamp page?
You can use the contact form to let us know of any errors and we will fix it.

How do I remove a surfcamp from TotalSurfCamp?
We understand that you may want to get rid of a listing on TotalSurfCamp for many reasons. However, since our mission is to be a comprehensive source for information on surfcamps, we can only delete a listing if the establishment has permanently closed.

How can I improve my surfcamp’s information?
You can use the feedback you get on the TotalSurfCamp page to improve and increase customer satisfaction.
Ask you guests to write positive reviews on TotalSurfCamp. You can respond to reviews by using the response option in the comments.
If you have the “free” package, upgrade to Premium Basic or Premium Total. You will be able to upload videos, photos, offers, and a lot of other multimedia.

Reviews and Comments

How do I write a review?
In order to add a review of a surfcamp, you only have to write in the Comment box at the bottom of the surfcamp’s page, then press the “Save” button. In order to file a complaint, you have to register with TotalSurfCamp or start a session with your Facebook profile. Also, you can submit a star rating for a surfcamp at the bottom of the page.

How do I report an offensive review?
If you believe a review to be offensive, fraudulent or unsuitable, inform us using TotalSurfCamp’s contact form. We will eliminate the review if we confirm that it infringes on our terms concerning reviews. However, keep in mind that we do not check the veracity reviews, so they may not be removed simply because of a disagreement over the opinion.

Also, you can respond to a review by publishing a response.

How should I respond to a positive review about my surfcamp?
It’s important to thank the writer for sharing their experience, but also avoid using a standard answer. It will feel insincere and repetitive. If you remember them, tell a story about what happened!

How should I respond to a negative comment about my surfcamp?
A quick response with your point of view about the situation shows potential customers that you take customer service seriously. Respond briefly and professionally, because an aggressively defensive response will be detrimental. Also, express your thanks to the author for writing the comment; it will show that you care about the opinions of your customers, for better or for worse. And if you think it’s appropriate, offer an apology and show you intention to fix the problem.


Why should I open a user account?
If you are an individual, registering will let you easily add comments and service as a reference for the rest of the users.

If you’re a business owner, you will be able to manage your surfcamp and add multimedia content, change your description, add offers, etc. Also, you can respond to user reviews with a certified account.

How do I start a TotalSurfCamp session with Facebook?
In order to start a session with your Facebook profile, you only have to click the “Sign in with Facebook” that appears once you click on the grey “Log in” button in the top right of every page.

How can I cancel my user account?
If you choose to delete your account, we will permanently erase your content in our directory. Then, you can let us know why you were dissatisfied with TotalSurfCamp, because we work hard to offer good service to all of our users, from clients to owners. We ask that before cancelling your account you get in contact with us to let us know you reasons for leaving. We will use your feedback to improve your experience on TotalSurfCamp.

If you still want to delete your account anyway, you can use the contact form and we will permanently erase you from TotalSurfCamp.

If you couldn’t find what you were looking for in the FAQ’s, you can use the contact form and we would love to answer your question as soon as possible. Thank you.