EasyDrop Surf Camp Brasil

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It located in a village of colonial flavor of Itacaré, in the state of Bahia. In this region we can find kilometers of beaches with very consistent waves with different directions and forms. Many areas have a remote location so it is possible to surf with very few surfers. The tropical climate allows you to enjoy hot water throughout the year. In EsyDrop they guarantee a successful teaching surf and 100% of safety and fun.

They have developed innovative methods to ensure better and faster learning. The groups are never larger than 5 students per instructor and teaching is step by step. They rely on theory out of the water by performing the so important basic movements to maintain the correct posture at the table. They rely on video recording and evaluation in real time. With the right techniques can progress rapidly. EasyDrop Surf School is accredited by the Brazilian government, Bahia Surf Federation and the Brazilian Confederation of Surf. Pousada Girassol is your choice of accommodation in Praia da Concha, one of the most elegant neighborhoods in Itacaré. Although this beach has very good conditions for surfing, in EasyDrop boat and used cars to move to the best spots. Here you can share life with other fans surf and enjoy this exotic city where Afro-Brazilian culture mixes with travelers from around the world

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