Meninas do Mar

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Located in Itacaré, a city of Bahia state surrounded by Atlantic rainforest and a variety of waves and sand bottoms. It has beaches located in the city with good tourist infrastructure, more remote beaches with very low occupancy and beaches that do not even appear in the guides. School Meninas do Mar was founded in 2012 by Jane Morales, an ex competitor with 12 years of experience.

Since then they offer surfing lessons for all levels and ages. Although they incapié in teaching girls the courses are for both sexes. Classes have a duration of 2 hours 30 minutes devoted to heating and theoretical concepts of waves and positions on the board on the ground. It is to learn to surf the right way, without creating bad habits that after lastren your progress. To do rely on the video recording of all sessions. You can stay at Buddy's Pousada, the most economical option for backpackers or the Pousada dos Anjos, colonial style but all the comforts of a modern home.

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