Brazil Surfing Adventure

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Brazil Surfing Adventure specializes in water sports in Florioanópolis, the surfing capital of Brazil. It is famous for its incredible beaches and night parties organize the best city in South America. I posed a variety of breaks with consistent waves throughout the year, with warm, clear waters. You can choose classes Surf, Kitesurf and Stand Up Paddle. Florianopolis waves to suit all levels, from beginners to hardcore surfers.

Their instructors have BSA certification and will help you improve in all technical issues such as rowing, balance, cuts, etc. Kite surfing is having a broad growth since the island offers shallow lagoons and strong winds almost every day. Ibiraquera Beach, a 2 hour drive, is considered one of the best places to practice this sport. Accommodation is in private studios next to the beach of Joaquina. From here it is easy access to the entertainment area to continue enjoying the good atmosphere of this privileged part of Brazil.

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