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UNIKELY JUNgle, beautiful surf _ Surfing The Jungle surf school is a tropical, lush, breathtaken, super-fun immersive experience in the heart of the colorful Caribbean of Costa Rica , Surf The Jungle School has become one of the leading surf companies in the country. The private clinics and all inclusive packages are full of care and adventure. we personalize, we charm, and we create forever memories with you and the water.

Ocean-certified lifeguards, professional surf instructors, Watermen & Women experts and enthusiasts to provide our students with the best conditions, learning in the right place, using the best equipment and in the most fun way. From beginners to veteran riders, we have the lesson for you. Our services are available for locals and visitors, whether in a private or group setting, lessons for couples, surf camps, special events. Our high quality surf team has earned us the recognition and loyalty of our students. Our mission is to enrich people's lives. We believe that the experience of traveling and surfing transforms the lives of people. join us in this experience increasing your happiness and personal growth. the jungle awaits!

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