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Surf School
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The surf school is the section where new surfers are formed or improve the fans of this great sport, participating in training activities and the surf club. Each class is merged as a free session where all participate and share their knowledge; so trainees feel closer to what a free surf session as we like to enjoy all, with trips to find the best sea conditions and so make the most of the best waves.

Within the range of Á the Étoile Bleue Surf each trainee creates its package, from 2 surfers choose activities, schedules ... and they, like technical part, offer the best conditions for perfect and safe development. You can also opt for more affordable special packages, where you will share the class with more partners, to adjust to the days and fixed hours, but always following the theme of school: whether to move move, whether to wait expected. And if you have to spend the night out to find the best conditions, they will be happy, and will manage the reserves in alojamienos on the beach or in the city, restaurants for lunch or whatever it takes to make the expected as pleasant and as close to the idea that lovers have of a surfer surfing vacation. As an alternative to surfing, in the days when conditions do not accompany or supplement after the sessions, develop a lot of activities like longboard, bodysurfers, skaters ... Suf specialists also are adapted, for they have a team with excellent preparation and long experience in this field, therapies tailored to early care and water activities in the pool, always backed by student therapists themselves.

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