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Born in Madrid in 2011, as a result of the passion for the slide of two friends. One of the many days skating around the city, they tried a Carveboard Carve USA brand and from that day they knew that their lives had changed. They took a couple of these boards and skated around the city as if they were surfing it.

They saw waves everywhere although the beach was far away, and they knew that they had found a perfect tool to evolve in Surf, a Surfskate. Since then we have been in constant progress and development, always looking for and investigating the latest developments and trends in the world of Surfing and Surfskate. Attending the most important fairs of the sector in search of the best boards that simulate the Surf out of the water. In our Online Store you can find the best brands we have found: Smoothstar, Carver Skateboards, SwellTech Surfskate, Slide Surfskates, Miller Division Surfskates, YOW Surfskates and Hydroponic. We have managed to consolidate ourselves as the benchmark of the Surfskate at a National and International level, and we are the largest and most active community in Surfskate on social networks. In the Carving Social Club, we have also created the First Multi-brand School of Surfskate in Spain. To this day we offer classes of Surfskate Initiation, Improvement of surf technique, and in Skateparks or bowls, with all the brands that we work with. Our more than 25 years of experience in the world of Surf and Skate have allowed us to develop our own teaching method. Being able to use the different brands allows us to use with each student the table that best suits your surfing level and characteristics, so you can evolve and achieve your objectives more quickly. In addition, in November 2018, we added a new service to our sports offer, and now we also offer: Physical Specific Surf Preparation in Madrid. Training in the room and pool, so that you are fit in each bathroom, and you can focus on enjoying and improving your surfing on each trip. And to make the whole project more meaningful, we organize Surf Trips from Madrid to different points of the Spanish peninsula, Canary Islands, and some other surprise destinations. Our already famous Surf & Surfskate trips are perfect to put into practice everything learned about surfskate and everything trained in the gym. For these surf trips we collaborate with what we consider the best schools in the sector such as: Art Surf Camp, Wave Surf House & Surf School, North Coast Surf School, Skool Surf and Rural Surf. We always support our Surf Trips with Surfskates, so you can progress more quickly. In a two-hour swim we are on the surfboard, usually an average of two minutes, while on asphalt we can work the maneuvers and correct postures more easily and spend hours on the skate. As lovers of the sea, of outdoor sports and of life itself, we place special emphasis on the care and respect of the environment and the environment that surrounds us. We like to always leave our mark wherever we go and contribute our bit to the ecosystem. In addition, we have created our own playlist of Surf Music and Surfskate on Spotify, so you can take us with you and listen to them when you are skating, surfing, training, with friends or whenever you want. Listen to it! And if you have not already done so, we invite you to attend some of the Surfskate Raids that we do regularly to encourage communion among people who practice these sports, have a nice time with friends, share concerns and try different models of Surfskates . We are more and more, join and come to surf with us. You can follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Vimeo and YouTube. Use our hashtag #carvingsocialclub A greeting and keep carving! Álvaro and Jacobo

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