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 Located in Getxo, a town in the province of Vizcaya. It is part of the region of Gran Bilbao and the metropolitan area of ​​Bilbao. Its attractions are its beaches, natural landscapes and its marina. Getxo has several kilometers of coastline where the force of Biscay has been drawing the maritime boundaries of the municipality.

ACERO SURF SCHOOL offers the possibility of surfing courses with a professional surfer with many years of experience. Eneko Acero has a great track record; was European champion in 1999 and 2001, Champion Basque circuit in 2014 and Champion of Bizkaia in 2014 and 2015, among other titles. Teaches courses Initiation and Continuation of 10 to 20 hours, in groups of 5 students or in particular. Technical Improvement also courses in groups of 4 people and with video analysis. The beaches where classes are taught in Ereaga Beach and the beach Arrigunaga in Getxo; and on the beach BARINATXE (La Salvaje) in Getxo-Sopela. If the conditions were not desired they can move to other surf spots more convenient.

Eneko Acero and his team will learn to surf with minimal effort and time and with maximum efficiency and satisfaction. Eneko Acero shares his experiences and learning techniques practiced during 25 years of his professional career. We teach surfing as a sport, as a communication with nature, as enjoyment and as fun.

Our surf classes include:

         - technical method that takes into account all aspects and that is based on the adaptation to the different levels of the apprentice, with personalized, motivating and fun learning

        -  Technical advice on surfboards, trainings, etc. 

        -  All year, all ages, all options: groups of 5 or less (4,3,2), tutoring. 

        -  Some times Lectures and videos with the Acero brothers (Eneko, Kepa, Iker) over  waves, travel, sea, surf

Our surf classes and activities are very diverse: beginner , interrmediate,and advancement courses, proficiency course,  surf-gide, personal coaching, coaching session, trip-coaching (Eneko participation is upon his personal availability)


BEGINNER AND ADVANCEMENT COURSES  Beginner level full course: 10 hours/5 days: 150€ . Beginner + Advanced level full course: 20 hours/10 days: 270€

                                                                            (For children under 12 years of age the classes will be 1hour 30mins: full course 7 hours 30mins or 15 hours)

Occasional classes:  1 day, 2 hours(children under 12 years 1 hour 30 mins): 45€

                                  2 days, 4 hours (children under 12 years 3 hours):  80 €

                                   3 days, 6 hours (children u. 12 years 4 hours 30 min) 110 €

                                   4 days, 8 hours (children under 12 year 6 hours) 140 € 

Private class (1 hour 30 mins):  1 person  90 €.          2 people 120 €        3 people  150 € 

SURF-GIDE: Group of 4 people. Group price: 250 €   

COACHING  1. Technical advanced continuous coaching (groups of 4), as already explained 

                     2. Coaching session: Group of 4. Group price 280 €

                     3. Personal coaching: Price depends on the personalized plan, time, etc …

                     4. Trip coaching :consult with, specifying that you are interested in traveling with Eneko Acero

(All prices VAT included)

Collaboration with hotels and lodges to present accommodation + surf lessons unit packs

 Whole year, on request.

Language: Spanish, English, Basque Language.

Contact: Mr. Eneko ACERO Email: [email protected] Telephone number: +34 637.510.129 Web:

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