In Da Surf Bali

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Located in Canggu, one of the most popular surfers on the island of Bali, Indonesia areas. The beaches are sandy gray and maybe are not the most beautiful in Bali but the waves are great for surfing. The surf spots are perfect for all levels of surfing. In Da Surf Bali they are based on the guidance system of private surf for up to 2 people at any level.

The guides have a lot of experience in navigation, which along with the personalized attention gets results quickly. Every day they choose a surf spot different surf and all sessions are videotaped and photographed to be analyzed later. All guests have free access to this material. There is also the possibility of surf trips all over Bali, Lombok and Java, by car, boat or helicopter. As something new have a course of apnea to help surfers to hold their breath longer and make them feel safer when they face big waves. Accommodation in Surfers House Hostel offers dormitory rooms for 4 people, with pool, kitchen, barbecue and garden to relax or practice yoga. In Pool Villa rooms are doubles. Both are very close to Echo Beach and Old Man. The atmosphere is 100% surfer.

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