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Surfindo offers budget accommodation in West Sumbawa (Indonesia) and transport from Bali and Lombok 2 times a day. This area of ​​southern Indonesia has remained isolated by the lack of connection to other islands. Currently it is perfectly accessible from neighboring Lombok and Bali. West Sumbawa is sparsely populated and the roads are somewhat rudimentary, however, it is home to some of the best waves in Indonesia.

"Yoyos" is the most consistent wave of West Sumbawa; "Supersuck" in Maluk Bay, is the favorite of many surfers for its frequent barrels; and "Scar Reef" is a fantastic hollow left. All they justify the trip to West Sumbawa and will satisfy the most demanding surfers. Surfindo offers accommodation packages 7 days Rantung Beach Hotel in the village of Sekongkang, near Yoyos. It is a simple beach hotel with 12 rooms. They have motor bike rental to explore the coast or inland jungle. You can perform other activities such as fishing or snorkeling.

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