Coyote Cal's Mexico

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Coyote Cal's is located in a small community called Eréndira, on the Pacific coast and about 78 kilometers south of Ensenada in Baja California state. It is an isolated and underdeveloped. His few tourist services indicate that you are in the real Mexico border. Coyote Cal's Mexico Hostel is a hostel for road enthusiasts, backpackers and families.

They are fully committed to the local culture and community so that promote contact between customers around the world and the inhabitants of Eréndira. Within walking distance from the lodge is a small deserted beach, Barny Cove, which offers surfing for the first time ideal conditions. A short walk from Half Moon Bay is probably the best and most radical of the local surf spots. It is very pleasant surfing in this area because there are hardly any crowds, it is very possible that you find yourself almost alone, no lineups in the water ... Coyote staff is always available to inform you of the best places to surf. At night they organized legendary beach parties to strengthen ties of friendship. So put the Mexican hat and shout Viva Mexico !.

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