Surfcamp Surfergirls Surf Trip México in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

Surfergirls Surf Trip México

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This surf school based in San Diego (California) offers surfcamps 3-4 days for girls from 20 years in Baja California, Mexico. Its aim is that women discover the unique experience of surfing in places and live surf culture. They can see with their own eyes what keeps bringing surfers back into the water day after day. It's a great way to do sport, relieve tension and relax the mind.

All instructors undergo a rigorous training program and must obtain Level 1 or higher for accreditation as a surf instructor. They meet in the surf school Surfergirls in San Diego, which put at your disposal the private transport to and from Mexico. Surf Trip Surfergirls Mexico offers comfortable accommodation, three meals a day, daily surf lessons, equipment and photos.

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