Nazaré Surf School

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Located in Nazaré, a small typical Portuguese town district Leira. Nazaré beach, mild climate and natural beauty, has one of the oldest traditions in Portugal related to fishing gear. Today Nazaré is one of the top destinations worldwide for surfers, since the surfer Garrett McNamara surfed which was considered the highest wave ever surfed the world. And in Nazaré it takes place one of the most unique and spectacular nature phenomena.

Just a few meters from the Praia do Norte opens the Nazaré Canyon. Just in this area, the European continental shelf suffers a "blow" of about 210 kms long and a depth of 4,300 meters. This natural phenomenon makes the wave energy remains intact until it reaches the coast. Giant waves do not lose any of its power because of progressive friction with the continental shelf in their approach to the coast. Beginners need not fear because there are many other surf spots perfectly accessible. Nazaré Surf School offers surf lessons for all levels with all the material included. If you choose a Surf Guide have at your disposal a program accredited by the Portuguese Surfing Federation to surf the best waves of Nazaré and Silver Coast instructor. They have repair service together. You can stay in a typical house in the old town of Nazaré, just 30 meters from the beach

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