Ride the Waves at Barrika Surf Camp: Your Gateway to Surfing Excellence and Adventure

Spain ➝ Basque Country ➝ Barrika

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Barrika Surf Camp, situated on the pristine Barrika Beach in Bizkaia, provides an idyllic setting for both novice and experienced surfers to immerse themselves in the sport amidst a captivating environment. For those seeking to refine their surfing skills, the camp stands as a compelling alternative, offering a blend of enjoyment and safety in the learning process.

Established in 2010, Barrika Surf Camp has been a distinguished tourist shelter adhering to exemplary practices. Open from March 1 to December 23, the camp is a proud member of the Basque Government Tourist Product Club, embodying professionalism with over eight years of expertise. Having hosted more than 2,700 individuals, the camp has garnered a reputation for excellence.

Barrika Surf Camp has enjoyed sponsorship from reputable brands such as Quiksilver and Roxy since its inception. This longstanding support ensures a commitment to delivering quality experiences. Notably, the camp has been graced by the presence of athletes from Team Quiksilver Roxy during events like the pro-junior championships in Sopelana and clinics organized by Quiksilver for their team at the camp.

This haven for surf enthusiasts offers an opportunity to enhance surfing skills across various wave sizes and styles, from classic and purist to radical high-performance. The camp invites individuals to seize the moment and embark on a journey of improvement and enjoyment. What are you waiting for?