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Barrika Surf Camp is located on Barrika Beach, Bizkaia and is the ideal place to start in surfing enjoying the environment in which it is located. If you are already an experienced surfer, you have at your fingertips great quality waves knowing people and enjoying a 100%surfing environment. We are a real alternative to learn how to surf in a fun and safe way. Barrika Surf Camp stands out since 2010 tourist shelter with good practices, open from March 1 to December 23, to belong to the Basque Government Tourist Product Club and for being a professional company with more than eight Years of experience through which more than 2,700 people have passed. Since its inception, it has had Quiksilver and Roxy as sponsors and the guarantee of offering a quality brand supports its work form. In addition, some of the athletes of Team Quiksilver Roxy have stayed at the Camp coinciding with the celebration of pro-junior championships, such as Sopelana or with the clinics organized by Quiksilver for Team in our Camp. In Barrika Surf Camp you can improve your surfing for small, medium, large waves and in all styles from the most classic and purist to the most radical Highperformance. What are you waiting for?