Surf Adventure at Punta de Lobos: Experience the Thrills of Chile's World Surf Reserve

Chile ➝ Cardenal Caro ➝ Pichilemu

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Located just 3 hours from Santiago de Chile and 2 kilometers from Pichilemu. Wolf tip is a beach surrounded by impressive cliffs frequented by marine wolves, hence its name. According to the time of the year the waves can range between 2 or 10 meters high. In 2013 she was appointed World Surf reserve and the Quiksilver Big Wave championship is celebrated every year attracting the best surfers. They offer surf classes with professors with more than 10 years of experience or surf Trips to Puertecillo and other Point Breaks. The accommodation in its Lodge of Punta de Lobos, with a very cozy shelter design, is a unique experience