A Tropical Paradise for Surfing Adventures in New Caledonia

New Caledonia/ South Province/ Bourail

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Located in Cabo de Roche Percée, in the commune of Bourail, in Nueva Caledonia. It is a tropical paradise surrounded by mountains, the Nera River and the Pacific Ocean. New Caledonia is one of the best Surf of the Pacific destinations thanks to its consistent waves. Nekweta Surf Camp is 10 minutes from Roche Percée Beach, the only break on the beach of all new Caledonia. The others are only accessible by boat. Coral barriers near Bouril are among the 20 best waves of the Pacific, including "Secrets" and "Gouaro". They offer ships to move in a range of 20 minutes in the area, with a large connoisseur of the local hangover. Surf Trips lasts 4-6 hours and are indicated for experienced surfers, although there are some adequate waves for beginners. So you don't have to bring your own tables have material rental service. Nekweta Surf Camp has a Melanesio -style cabins and has capacity for 10 people. The atmosphere and service are personalized and authentic. There are many other activities that can be carried out, such as approaching Taxi-Barco to the incredible Green Island, where you can only remain half an hour not to alter the ecosystem.