Ride the Waves of Shimoda: Surfing Bliss at Real Surf Shop, Japan's Coastal Paradise

Japan/ Shizuoka/ Shimoda

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Located in Shimoda, in Shizuoka's prefacture. Shimoda has some of the best surf points in Japan, such as Shirahama, Trata, Ireita or Ohama, attracting many passionate surf. Because Shimoda is located at the southern end of the Izu Peninsula catches the winds of west, south and east, so it is possible to navigate throughout the year. In Real Surf Shop they offer surf courses for all ages with instructors certified by the International Surfing Association (ISA) level 1 of accreditation. They have a wide range of latest generation boards to rent, since they are also surf store. The coast around Shimoda has many very attractive beaches, which attract numerous surfers, divers, bathers and people who just want to relax. In addition, good hot springs and delicious shellfish make it a more pleasant alternative to the busiest tourist centers in the north of the country.