25 years of waves and passion at Mundaka.

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Mundaka Surf Shop & School was born more than 25 years ago as a surf store known as Urdaibai's biosphere and is currently one of the oldest surf stores in Euskadi. He emerged from the initiative of Craig Sage Cotter, an Australian who, like many other surfers, landed in Mundaka in search of his well -known wave. In love with the people and its people decided to stay and did not hesitate to work to introduce surf From that moment on, it would allow to buy everything necessary for surfing.

Being Mundaka a privileged place for surf practice did not yet count among its people with too many followers, the few who practiced it bought their tables and accessories to foreigners or brought them from other places such as Sopelana or Donosti. With the inauguration of the first Mundaka Surf Shop this problem disappeared and gradually surfing was gained fans. The fever was growing and in collaboration with the store, Mundaka Surf Club was created. Then, at the end of the 90s, Surf School, Mundaka Surf School, arrived with a great team of experienced surfers led by Craig Sage Cotter, which has been in Mundaka for more than 20 years and transmitting its passion and transmitting its passion and transmitting its passion for surfing to each of the students they receive.

Thus, Mundaka Surf School takes care of every summer to give surf classes to those people who want to learn this exciting sport, with monitors entitled by the Basque School of Sports and the Basque Federation of Surf (EHSF) that will show you the basic principles of Surf : How to stand up, how to take the waves, etc ... In addition, in all courses an initiation manual and a diploma will be delivered at the end of them. Mundaka has a recognized value in almost everyone: the wave that breaks in the sand bar at the entrance of the port and that is considered the best left in Europe and as one of the best waves in the world.

The wave of Mundaka breaks left, is born in a sand bar, formed at the entrance of the port and varies depending on the storms, and lengthens for quite some time until it dies on Laida Beach. They highlight her speed and strength that make her an exclusive wave for experienced surfers, hence she is advised to refrain from surfing in these waves. Although the background is of sand, the danger of impacting it exists and it is because the downspouts occasionally leave the center of the bar barely what makes it dangerous to surf this side, so that the OLA output this occasions. Mundaka, located at the mouth of the Mundaka estuary, designated as a Urdaibai biosphere reserve, is an incomparable place for the practice of water sports especially in summer season. In addition, its privileged Monte-Mar situation allows visitors to choose between the beach or the walk through the mountain. And if this does not convince there is always the remedy for the nostalgic asphalt to go to Bilbao to make some purchases or have drinks.

The most appropriate time to visit it is summer, but the days of September in which the first storms, the soft days of southern wind of autumn or the sunny spring days are also recommended. Mundaka also has villages as well known as Bermeo, Gernika, Ondarroa or Lekeitio and places worth visiting such as the Santimamiñe caves or the animated forest of Ibarrola in the Oma Valley.


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