Create lasting memories in this South Pacific paradise.

Samoa ➝ Upolu ➝ Tafatafa

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Nestled in the central South Pacific, the Samoan Islands, covering 3,030 km2, offer a captivating blend of natural beauty. Upolu, the second-largest island, is a testament to Samoa's volcanic origins, featuring a massive basaltic shield volcano. The island, stretching 75 kilometers, is the most populated among the Samoan islands, with its capital, Apia, resting along the north coast.

Samoa boasts consistent temperatures year-round, thanks to its location just 13 degrees south of the equator. From November to April, experience the hot, rainy season, while the cool, dry season from May to November brings less humidity and slightly lower temperatures. The average water temperature hovers around 27 degrees, complementing the daytime land temperature of 29 degrees.

Immerse yourself in the heart of Samoan culture, defined by faith, family, and music. Traditional living quarters, known as fale, foster communal living without walls, emphasizing the significance of family bonds. Elders hold esteemed status, and the extended family, or aiga, lives and works together. Samoa's population, around 250,000, shares a common language, and at Samoa Surf Secrets, guests can experience traditional beach fales or opt for a self-contained deluxe fale.

Based at Vaiula Beach Fales in the Village of Tafatafa, offers proximity to a variety of surf breaks. From the fast barreling Tafatafa to the freight train left at Nu’usafe’e Island, the waves cater to different preferences. Boulders, a powerful left-hand point break, and Salani Rights and Lefts, both world-class barreling waves, are just a short drive away. The North Side presents various waves, all easily accessible from the central location.

An exceptional surf holiday adventure, thanks to its partnership with Vaiula Beach Fales. Guests can choose traditional Samoan beach fales or opt for a self-contained deluxe fale. The warm hospitality of Dave Petersen and his family, who have been hosting guests for 60 years, adds a personal touch to the experience. Centrally located, Samoa Surf Secrets ensures shorter travel times, maximizing surf opportunities.

Samoa Surf Secrets invites you to become part of their extended family and create lasting memories in this South Pacific paradise.