Sunsets and the cliffs, an unforgettable combo.

Spain ➝ Canary Islands ➝ Gran Canaria

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This project was born from the passion of a young individual who left their stable job to embark on a dream, a dream that eventually became a reality. It's about living off what they are most passionate about: the sea, nature, surfing, and people.
Starting with virtually nothing but a lot of enthusiasm, this project gradually took shape and culminated in this unique restaurant and surfcamp, surrounded by good vibes and, of course, great waves.

Soledad Big Waves represents the legacy they want to leave for their children. It's a philosophy, a way of life based on respect and love for nature and all its inhabitants.
Your smile is their mission; they aren't seeking customers; they're looking for friends.

Like most sea lovers, they cherish the connection with nature, where they can live unforgettable experiences surrounded by the sea, sun, and surf. When you add unique gastronomy, dreamy nights, and many more surprises to the mix, it creates a cocktail of emotions that are hard to forget.

Carlos Moreno, the founder, is deeply in love with life and nature. He's a friend to his friends and has a passion for the sea and everything it encompasses. He's been a surfer for over 25 years and is a local in the northern part of Gran Canaria. He left everything behind to embark on a new adventure related to the sea and how he treats his friends. This is how Soledad Big Waves came to be. He knows every nook and cranny and all the best surf spots on the island, so fun and adventure are guaranteed with him.

Located in the best spot on the island for surfing, with the best climate in the world and an abundance of good vibes in an iconic Canarian house where, in addition to catching waves, you'll enjoy the best food, concerts, art exhibitions, and a host of activities that will truly make you want to return. It's no coincidence that Soledad Big Waves chose the northern coast of Gran Canaria. You'll be surrounded by more than 12 peaks with incredible wave quality for all levels and preferences. When you add in the idyllic sunsets and the cliffs that surround us, you'll have an unforgettable combo.

Soledad Big Waves is situated in a historic house from 1900, which they have lovingly and painstakingly restored, preserving all the antique charm it still held. It's a very characteristic building where every corner hides a story. The Soledad Big Waves Surfcamp is located in an iconic house dating back to 1900, with over 1,000 square meters, which they have also lovingly restored, maintaining all its antique charm. It is a socio-cultural space consisting of a Hostel, Restaurant, and Terrace.

Dedicated to promoting love for surfing and environmental conservation, they support the community, especially in the northern part of Gran Canaria.

They recognize the potential within the community and therefore provide a home for artists, writers, photographers, and others in their cultural space.