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In a serene landscape, at the base of mighty mountain massifs and a sprawling natural sandy bay, Famara stands as a haven away from the bustle of tourism. Surfers have found solace in this small village, particularly in the unspoiled village of Caleta de Famara. Here, unpaved roads and a natural beach create the perfect setting to unwind and fully immerse oneself in the art of surfing.

In the village of Caleta de Famara, simplicity reigns supreme. Some roads remain unpaved, and the beach retains its natural allure. It's a place where surfers and tranquility seekers coexist. If you have a love for local fish, Caleta de Famara offers affordable and delectable dining options. Climatically speaking, is nearly perfect, with year-round daytime temperatures ranging from 20 to 30°C, and evening temperatures dropping to a pleasant 15 to 20°C.

Imagine a beach bungalow nestled at the western end of the bay, where the soothing sound of the sea becomes a constant companion. This natural and preserved environment hosts a bungalow with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, an open kitchen, a living room, and a spacious terrace with a pergola. Accommodating a maximum of 6 WaveSisters, it's a tranquil retreat where you can bask in the charm of the place. The village of Caleta de Famara, with its unique allure, is just a stroll away.

A perfect surf spot catering to surfers of all skill levels. With over 7 km of reliable beach break, it stands as the best spot on the island of Lanzarote. The famous La Santa, known as the 'Hawaii of Europe,' lies south of Caleta de Famara and attracts enthusiasts, especially during the winter months. To the north, sandbanks and minimal tidal differences create a more gentle surfing experience.

WaveSisters invites you to embark on a transformative journey through surfing and yoga. Spend a week by the ocean and discover the magic of a community of women supporting each other in learning and enjoying these enriching experiences. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced surfer, WaveSisters caters to all ages and skill levels.

Surfing brings pure joy and a relaxed lifestyle, and with WaveSisters, you'll not only master surfing techniques but also experience the perfect complement: yoga. Yoga enhances physical fitness, mental focus, and inner peace. It complements the physical demands of surfing, offering strength, flexibility, and tranquility. WaveSisters provides a holistic experience with yoga for beginners and advanced practitioners, private sessions, meditation, Qi Gong, Reiki sessions, and massages.

WaveSisters ensures your culinary experience is as delightful as your surfing and yoga. Accommodations are handpicked, always located near the beach. Enjoy diverse, healthy, and locally sourced meals, with daily breakfast and communal dinners on four evenings. Whether they're preparing multi-course meals or providing a buffet, guarantees a delightful culinary journey."