3 essential apps for surfers

Cesar Alvarez
Cesar Alvarez


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Currently exist in the market hundreds of applications focused to it practice of the surf, but today you select which us consider as the "must have" of them apps that all surfer must have in your mobile. Thanks to these apps, you will know from the weather to evaluate your own sessions, isn't it fantastic?.


This App offers a very detailed information about predictions Ocean, as the period and direction of wind, tides and waves size.

analysis of seabed have created a model called LOLA, would like to know more about LOLA? Visit their website.

once completed the register there is the option of creating your own list of favorite beaches, allowing you to take all reports into a single panel, showing a forecast for 2 days in the case of free users and 17 days in the case of the premium.

also in the App has access to videos in streaming HD 300 surf spots around the world, limiting this content extra payment users. If you decide not to pay you will have to settle for images of inferior quality, and shorter videos.

The application is completely free, and is is available both for iPhone as for Android.


MSW (Magic Sea Weed)

Any surfer self-respecting must carry this mobile application, the oldest of all and presents studies in depth on the weather forecasts, offering a guarantee of undeniable quality.

premium users be able to access stats for 10 days, unlike the rest which are 7 days. The information of the State of the beaches in the App can be seen also in the web, as well as the scores of each of them and nearby points of interest for the surf shops of local beaches, surf, etc.

more than 1000 surf spots are which are available through this application, a fantastic opportunity to learn about the State of the beach directly through images.

Download is completely free and available for iPhone and Android.


Glassy Surf forecast

This application presents functions somewhat different to the two previous, is by that that form a good tandem with any of them.

Glassy Surf allows you to save all the data of the training sessions, such as location, height, quality of the waves, wind, the duration of the session and even the used table. All these data are stored to subsequently create analysis and tracking of individual progression, allowing competing against yourself and improve the surfing. Also includes weather forecasts for the nearest beaches or that your selections.

but also for all those who are born competitors, there is the option of competing against other users, climbing in the rankings of the app and sharing on social networks. This App has a community of more than 40,000 active users who share your spots daily.

Download is free for iPhone users and Android.