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What is the difference between your types of trip?

Let's break it down:

Surf Camps πŸ„β€β™€οΈ

Think of these as the ultimate surf schools. A surf camp typically offers a more immersive experience. You'll get expert coaching, cozy accommodations, and a rad community vibe. It's ideal for travelers who want a mix of surf and a comfortable, communal living space.

Surf Boat Charters β›΅

If you're seeking adventure and the thrill of exploring different surf breaks, a surf boat charter is the way to go. You'll live on a boat and sail to various surf spots, taking advantage of the best waves along the way. It's perfect for experienced surfers looking for a dynamic and scenic surfing experience

Surf Resorts 🌴

Surf resorts offer a blend of comfort and surf opportunities. You'll stay at a resort with excellent amenities and have access to nearby surf breaks. It's a great choice for those who want both relaxation and quality surfing conditions.

Surf Villas 🏑

It's all about laid-back vibes and a home away from home. Surf villas offer a mix of comfort and local flavor. You'll have a place to chill after long surf days. Ideal for couples, or groups of friends.