6 best surf spots in India for your next surf trip

Discover a complete change of scenery

This short video made in the Andaman Islands in India is an amazing introduction to this blog post. Discover a complete change of scenery, an extremely rich and vibrant culture to embrace, and perfect waves for surfing. Who could ask for more? We’ll present you in this article the 6 best surf spots in India where you could plan your future surf trip. And the best thing is that all of them offer surfcamps with training and accomodation!

Surf culture arrived pretty late in India. Although India has over 7,000 kilometers of coastline, most of it remains to be discovered regarding surfing. The biggest advantage of India is that only a few surfers go there, so there are not many people on the line-up. Indian waves have always existed, but tourism has not developed in this way. With the arrival of a couple of companies offering surfing lessons, as well as the emergence of the first competitions, surfing now became an activity that could be practiced during your free time in India.

It's not the North Shore of Hawaii, so do not expect huge waves. India also doesn’t have a lot of reefs, which may be really appealing to beginners. The best time to surf in India is just before and just after the monsoon season: April, May, October and November. If you’re already an experienced surfer, you can surf the waves of the monsoon. The downside is the lack of lifeguards on the coasts, so we recommend you to always surf with someone by your side.

Kovalam Beach

Kovalam Beach is probably the best known surf spot in India. It’s located completely in the south of India, near the Arabian Sea which is part of the Indian Ocean. We found a beach break at the Light House beach that offers right and left waves, both quite fast and powerful. This is an interesting place for intermediates and beginners. The best time to surf this wave is at mid-tide and high tide. If you are looking for surf lessons, we recommend the Kovalam Surf Club. This school is not only perfect for learning the basics of surfing but they also use their funds to help the young community of Kovalam. The club is part of an NGO and was founded in 2005. Every year, the Surf & Music Festival takes place there in summer and free surfing lessons are offered as part of it.

Gokarna Beach

For beginner surfers, Gokarna Beach is a very suitable surf spot. The place is beautifully situated with a foreground of coconut trees and a backdrop of the Sahyadri Mountains. The waves are indeed not very strong and the currents are quite easy to predict. In addition, there are surf schools to learn about this sport and learn the right techniques to catch the waves. As for the best time to go there, it is between the months of October to May. Only a one minute walk from the beach, Cocopelli Surf School offers courses from beginners to advanced surfers.

Varkala Beach

Varkala is surrounded by picturesque rocky cliffs and amazing landscapes. It doesn’t have strong swells, which makes it perfect for beginners to learn the sport. The location is lively with tourism and people coming to India to stimulate and invigorate their mind and mody. There are also several ashrams (monasteries) in the area if you are into meditation and there is a very ancient temple of Sri Janardhana to visit just off the beach. Not far from Kovalam Beach, the beaches of Varkala are excellent and much less crowded than other areas. The surfcamp Soul & Surf in Varkala has an attractive offer for combining Surf and Yoga. They offer surf lessons with all material for 3 or 6 days, with the possibility of adding daily Yoga classes. Varkala waves are perfect for beginners throughout the year, but especially from December to March. 

Goa Beaches

Go to Goa at the end of May or the beginning of June and find waves that are between 5 feet and 10 feet plus in height! Known as the land of adventure and magic, most of the beaches offer very good conditions to learn to surf or improve your skills, because they break gently right and left. Thanks to its stunning beaches and hippie vibes, it is one of the best surf spots in India.
Its beaches are quiet and large, with a few bars on the sand. This area attracts many tourists, especially in the winter months. Join the Banana Surf School in Goa to learn to catch some awesome waves on Marbela Beach, Morjim Beach, or Ashwem Beach! To relax and enjoy the bohemian atmosphere of Goa, nothing better than dropping by Shanti Beach Club to listen to a concert in the company of musicians, yoga gurus and celebrities of Bollywood.


Located in the state of Tamil Nadu, on the East coast, there is another amazing surf spot on a beach called Kovalam (same name but different beach than the one mentioned above)! And the best place to stay for a surf trip is definitely the Bay of Life Surf School & Surf Shop. It’s actually the first school in Chennai to be accredited by the International Surfing Association and the Federation of Surf India. The staff is offering courses from beginners to advanced surfers and the surfcamp is conducting adaptive lessons and activities for people with cerebral palsy.


In the picturesque fishing village of Kodi Bengre, belonging to the city of Udupi, there is an outstanding and interesting surf location. The weather is quite stable in this area, with temperatures around 30 degrees. It is an ideal place for beginners and intermediates most of the time and is perfect for experienced surfers in the pre and post monsoon season. The Shaka Surf Club offer surf lessons for beginners of all ages and if you’re already an experienced surfer, you can rent surfboard to surf on your own.

Ishita Malaviya, one of the first woman surfer of India created this surfcamp and is still giving classes there. It makes the location even more unique. The Shaka Surf Club in association with Australian Life Saving Society and Rashtriya Life Saving Society has also partnered with local government schools for something called “The Nippers Programme” which trains children to become junior lifeguards. The club also conducts various workshops with the help of volunteers who visit them.