7 Surfaries through surfing heavens

If you feel this resonates with you, pick one of these places people daydream about, save up some money and get ready start the adventure.
Cesar Alvarez
Cesar Alvarez


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Not long ago we talked about the difference between a surfari and a surftrip. Basically, a surfari is all about hunting the wild waves, moving along different spots with other fellow surfers. Needless to say, this involves meeting new people, late-night conversations and tons of good vibes.  If you feel this resonates with you, pick one of these places people daydream about, save up some money and get ready start the adventure.

Now, most people wonder where to go as a first-timer. The following destinations are our top picks around the world.

New South Wales, Australia
A 3-hour drive from Sidney and you are surrounded by surfing spots. Most people live around the coast, so there is just plenty of choices. You will get swell through the winter and cyclone swells in Summer. You could spend months exploring the area searching for the best waves. If you have never set foot on Australia, this can be the trip of your life. Pick a tent, hire a van or arrange it at your surfcamp. You choose your way and find your wave. Paradise awaits!

Java and Bali

If you are up for the unique surf adventure of lush green and and uncrowded reef breaks, this one is for you. Surfaries in the area usually include ferry transport to East Java and accommodation in coastal bungalows. For some extra money, you will get to spend a day in the jungle and get the true nature baptism. The area is rather affordable, but surprisingly, you can still find the comfort of some fancier locations. If icy beer, wilderness and seclusion sound like you, you are ready to set off. 

Spain and France
The atlantic coast, the Southern European atmosphere and the long stretch of coastline these two countries have to offer make it a perfect destination for a surfari. Warm winds and mild temperatures suit surfers that like that in between mid-season weather. Cruising up and down the coast is always fun, but if you are into hiking as well, you can fit some mountain days into your trip and head to the Pyrenees, a range that makes the natural border between Spain and France. Finally, if you want to meet elite surfers, check the seaside resort of Hossegor at the Landes.

Santa Marta, Barranquilla and Cartagena, Colombia
These are some of the most popular spots in the country. The combination of the rich Colombian culture and cuisine and the Caribbean beaches make it really hard to resist heading to the area. If you haven’t been surfing for a while, or you are still getting the hang of it, this is a good place. Most schools and organized trips will offer different levels, have multilingual instructors. They will be ready to wash the cobwebs off you. Castillo Grande, in Cartagena, is said to have that perfectly-shaped wave has the perfect speed so that you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Canggu, Kuta, and Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia
A surf charter will take you into the wild if you decide to explore these Indonesian spots. This one is for intermediates and advanced surfers, be ready to find amazing Supersuck, Yo-yos, Lacerations, and Scar Reef.  Get to Canggu through the rice fields and find yourself in the paradise of digital nomads, expats and other surfers. If you want so make new friends and challenging waves, this may be the surfari you would like to experience. Don’t tell everyone, but for many Nusa Lembongan is the last chilled surfing spot left n Bali!

Agadir-Ida Ou Tanane, Morocco
Budget surf trips, Northern African hospitality and great value for the experience bring many to the coastal villages of Morocco. Get to Agadir for the year-long good waves and great weather, tasty food and friendly locals. Many take this getaway as the chance to find the ultimate relaxation so, as you stay in different villages, check out hammans (traditional baths) and argan oil massages at spas. Daily yoga and meditation lessons are also readily available at most spots.

Sahara, Morocco
If you feel like chasing the sunrise of your life, and your autumn and winter plans have fallen through, the dessert is calling you.4x4ing along dunes and surfing is surprisingly easy at the north of the Sahara Desert, in Morocco. My advice, try to spend at least 6 days over there, as it takes time to arrive to the actual desert and roads are not amazing. Once you are there, take the chance to switch off. One doesn’t get many chances to surf and sleep by the starriest sky, all at once.