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Year by year we see how e-commerce is increasing followers in our country
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Year by year we see how e-commerce is increasing followers in our country, according to data extracted from Statista Total Retail 2018 report, the number of Spaniards who buy online has grown, reaching the sixth place in the online commerce market.

These figures are far from other countries, as we can see in the image below. Another significant fact that shows the trend of digital channels for buying and selling is the fall of more than twenty points the percentage of Spaniards who prefer products in physical stores, from 66% to 45%.

The surf industry also has its public in online commerce, which, like other products, is experiencing an increase during the last years, with the opening of dozens of new ecommerce every year. Before buying a board online you can visit our guide to the different surfboards to request the one that suits your needs.

We leave you with a list of the 10 best online surf shops. All of them develop a brutal marketing plan and have accounts in all social networks, including YouTube where you can watch impressive videos sponsored by great surfers, a good example is SurfStich.

Planet Sports

This eCommerce based in Munich, was born in 1993 and today has become a benchmark for water sports enthusiasts looking for specialized material. The website is available in Spanish and you can receive the products in your home within 5 or 7 days for only € 3.90.

In addition, by subscribing to his newsletter you will receive a € 10 voucher. Take advantage of it! Brands like O'neill, Billabong, Hurley or Quicksilver, among others, put on sale a wide range of surf products and at very competitive prices, sometimes you can find limited editions of unique sale in Planet Sports.


Unlike Planet Sports, SurfStich was born as a physical store in the middle of the Australian capital. Its founders, Lex Pedersen and Justin Cameron, started by opening a small retail business that over time became the shop par excellence for all surfers in the country and later with its saint to the web also worldwide.

The cost of shipping to Spain is free in the case of orders that exceed $ 125 and $ 9.99 if you lower that amount. On its website you can find almost any brand specialized in surfing that you are looking for, as well as many other small emerging brands that you probably don't know yet and that you will love.


Known as one of the pioneers in opening an e-commerce, back in 1999, Swell has become one of the fetish stores worldwide for surfers.

This Californian company has differentiated itself from its competitors by selling eco-friendly products, as well as contributing to the development of foundations dedicated to promoting responsible surfing. The cost of shipping carries a cost of $ 29.99, arriving within 1-3 business days.


Another of the most important surf shops in the world is, this English company started as a small local store that later became one of the global ecommerce giants. On its website you can find a long list of exclusive brands, such as Hurley, Reef or Gorilla, and the best products of each of them, always trying to offer the latest developments in terms of sports equipment.

They are also awared of the environment and in fact all their orders are shipped with recyclable packaging.

The website is available in Spanish and offers free shipping for purchases over $ 75 and in the case of lowers, you would only pay $ 4.99.

Blue Tomato

This Austrian store was founded in 1988 by the former European snowboard champion Gerfried Schuller as a snow school, which later became one of the best known online stores in the world.

In 1994 he opened his first store in Austria and currently has more than 30 physical stores across Europe, in addition to his online store. Its website has a repertoire of more than 500 renowned brands such as HUF, Patagonia, RVCA or Dickies.

Shipping to Spain is free for orders over € 40 and € 9.9 in case it does not exceed it.

Now you know the main stores to buy surf equipment, although you can also choose other smaller ecommerce such as:


Located in Madrid, Dak Tak first opened in 1989. Since there were no snowboards in Spain, the only way they could enjoy it was by making their own boards. Two years later they started selling snowboard material in Spain, being the first shop to sell snow material. The following year they formed the first snowboard team in Spain. Find the best boards, wetsuits and accessories on their website. Shipping is free for orders from € 100.

True Surfing

True Surfing has a physical store in Almeria and also its own online website. On your page you can find a bargain of top brands. The shipping cost is free for orders over € 90.


Headquartered in Madrid, Surf3 offers a wide range of possibilities for surfers looking for specific material, with dozens of brands available. Shipping is free from € 50 and € 10 in case it does not exceed it.


Here we have another reference online store in our country. Watsay boasts of offering quality products from the best brands, such as GLOBE, Gorilla Hippytree or Hurley, among many others.

In addition, they have their own Surf House in Cantabria, a place to relax enjoying a beach holiday and practicing the sport that you like, and a surf school in Berria, Cantabria as well.

Before buying online it is essential to know the product well and even approach a physical store and see it to be sure of what you want. Normally all online websites offer the possibility of free return from 7 to 30 days after the order arrives home, so there is nothing to worry about.

Throw yourself into the adventure of e-commerce!