The best surf spots in Israel

Israel has a large stretch of sandy beaches and a sea that is practically free of algae and sharks.

Israel is the country also known as the Holy Land. That is why it easy to understand, religious tourism is without difference the main reason for tourists traveling to Israel.

Focusing on the sport that starts our heartbeat, Israel has a large stretch of sandy beaches and a sea that is practically free of algae and sharks. While the conditions may not be up to professional surfers, local experts say it is an ideal place for beginners and more relaxed surfers.

Israel is placed at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea and this location allows almost any wave generated in the Mediterranean to reach the Israeli coast at some point. Although the waves are mainly generated by the wind, waves of up to 3 meters can be reached after winter storms.

The Mediterranean is a sea that provides waves much more constantly than you think. During the summer, the temperature of the water can be 28 to 29 degrees Celsius, while the water in winter is cooled to 14 degrees. In other words, it is a place where you can surf both in summer and winter, thanks to the relatively mild weather conditions in the central area of ​​the country, which is where most surf spots accumulate.

Although it is a destination that is not within the mainstream circuit to surf, our sport has deep roots here. Curiously, surf arrived before Israel that to Europe. In 1956 Dorian Paskowitz brought the first surfboard to Tel Aviv, amazed by the beaches and waves of the area, decided not to join the army, his original plan. After this he left his board as a legacy to Topsea Kansapolski and Shaul Zinner, the first Israeli surfers.

To plan your surf trip you should know that Israel is a small country, which extends 600 kilometers from north to south, so it is very suitable for a surfari and visiting the different spots that this desert country provides. The water is at a good temperature, there are no strange animals and there are gentle waves to be able to surf anywhere. You can not find that in all parts of the world.

We now highlight several interesting surf spots that should be a must when you visit the area:

1. Hilton Beach, Tel Aviv

An essential. Called the "Mini California, surfer paradise". There are two beaches frequented by the locals of Tel Aviv named for the hotel that rises on this particular stretch of sand. With two piers that protect the waves from incoming currents, it offers one of the best reef breaks in the country.

2. Maravi Beach, Tel Aviv

If you are in Tel Aviv, try Maravi beach and it is the southernmost beach of the city, located between Tel Aviv and Jaffa. Surfers like during the summer a structure formed by cement and stone posts that protrudes from the water to form a man-made reef where the waves break to the left and to the right, offering even better forms than the beaches of Herzliya.

3. Zvulun and Dabush beach , Herzliya

Move to Herzliya to discover a selection of beaches that offer decent surf in winter and summer. Zvulun and Dabush, offer good surfing at early hours in the morning when there is south wind. Dabush is north of Herzliya, while Zvulun is north of Dabush. Zvulun offers slightly longer times than Dabush with bigger waves and a sandy beach.

4. Kontiki and Sironit beaches, Netanya

A little further up the coast are the nine miles of Netanya beaches that do not receive the best ratings from surfers, but actually have good waves to surf. Kontiki and Sironit are connected to the docks, offering decent waves. However, since sand moves all the time, on this open beach, it is considered a place of fickle surfing for many.

5. Arubot beach, Caesaria

The best place to surf in Caesaria is Arubot beach, south of Shonit. The surfers ignore the "Do not enter" signs and go to the beach. There is a myth that waves only work during winter storms but it is also great during the summer, when the waves are perfect and there are few surfer. Long and open waves.

6.Bat Galim beach, Haifa

Further north you will reach Haifa Bay, where the Backdoor and Casino surf spots are located on Bat Galim beach at the southern end of the bay. They are considered very good beaches, especially in winter when the storms bring strong southwesterly winds on the high seas. Protected by two piers, Backdoor is considered the best reef break in Israel, as it is covered in moss. With a hollow right wave, it has earned the reputation of being the best tube wave in the country.

7. Goote beach, Ashkelon

While Ashkelon has been a place for surfers for some time, it's a newer beach destination. Goote Beach is the best place to surf in this south beach city, with jetties around the marina that make the waves smaller, and a break south of the marina that has great waves during winter storms .

After making this short list, we hope we have created the curiosity inside to visit this not so common destination for surfing, but as you have seen it hides many spots apart from the great cultural heritage.