The Surftrip Map: the map with the best surfspots

Like in pirate stories in which everyone has or craves the treasure map, what would you think of having a specifically designed map to mark your best surf spots in the world?
Cesar Alvarez
Cesar Alvarez


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Like in pirate stories in which everyone has or craves the treasure map, what would you think of having a specifically designed map to mark your best surf spots in the world?

We already know that through the era of Internet and hyper-connectivity, everything is now as easy as taking the phone out of your pocket and search for a location to have it in your hand, but on the other hand the physical things get more value; when it is missing out on many of the acts that previously meant a bigger effort.

And that is precisely what Awesome Maps proposes, a german maps company based in Berlin, whose goal is to inspire you to embrace your adventure, allowing curiosity to be your ally. The only thing between you and your next discovery is you. If you ever go there and have been a client of Awesome Maps, come and greet them and they will invite you to a beer!

Since man is a man, we have used maps to indicate specific places, to locate ourselves or to know where to go and where not to go. Why, for such a global activity that includes as many physical spaces as surfing, did not exist a real one?

It all starts in 2009, when Simon, the mind that created the company, made a surftrip through Europe. He wanted to track and mark his different surftrips, fixing the places he had visited on a map. However, doing it on a political map, it seemed incredibly boring ...

With the emotion of a child, Simon got down to work, and set out to make a map more interesting and more pleasing read. This is where Lars, the illustrator and geek of the comics, enters the scene, and quickly became infected with the madness of the idea.

While deciding which places to include, Simon realized that, he had learned a lot about the different spots to surf around the world, and it seemed a waste not to include them in the map... Lars's illustrations resulted in a perfect harmony between information and visual appeal that can still be seen and recognized today. Timo, was responsible for giving web support to all this great idea.

In 2013, on his first trip to Bali, Simon struck up a conversation with a surfer on the water before catching a wave. In the middle of his talk, this guy recommended that he must review The Surftrip Map, a "map created for surfers". Simon was surprised to hear that not only had someone heard about his company, but he was actually recommending it to everyone in the middle of the ocean in Bali. They left the water and the boy introduced him to his girlfriend sitting on the beach. This girl was Katharina, who would be the latest addition to the Awesome Maps team.

Today, the number of maps they manufacture has gone from one to nineteen (maps for travelers, activities other than surfing, for children ...) and the team currently includes nine people. Each member of the team plays a different role, but essential in the company. In this modern company there are members who work remotely, which allows them to live a life aligned with their values ​​while contributing to something bigger. With independence comes the responsibility to take the initiative and give the best of everyone at work.

The small but powerful team has continued to try new features, some worked and others, but have never lost that love for Awesome Maps, which has prompted each member to continue the journey.

But, what really contributes the Surftrip Map? It is a very interesting map, which includes more than 1000 surf spots, information about the quality of the waves, the temperature of the water, the high season, shark attacks and more ... We could consider it as a real staple food for all surfers .

The map is available in paper, in XXL canvas format and in other merchandising products such as letters and towels.

Surfing gives you a reason to travel around the world, so we believe that this map will inspire you to undertake your next adventure and maintain curiosity.

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