The best surf spots and surfcamps in New Zealand

Get ready and take the essentials to get away and know places that usually would be discarded.
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Get ready and take the essentials to get away and know places that usually would be discarded. If you are part of the group that prepares an adventure with surfing as a central pillar every year ... why not embrace the conquest of New Zealand?

This Oceania archipelago country is known worldwide for its Rugby selection, Maori culture and Kiwis, but it has much more to offer. Join us!

New Zealand is divided into two large islands (North and South) along with many small islands such as the Cook Islands, Niue and Tokelau. Its almost 15,000 km of coastline offer us all kinds of elements to practice our favorite sport, breakers, reefs, peninsulas and most importantly, first level waves that make New Zealand a destination to rock throughout the year.

It is the perfect place for coexistence between novice surfers and experts, since its offer is very wide, in a very affordable size territory.

In addition, surfing will allow you to know places that are separated from the circuits for tourists. Ship on a surf trip around New Zealand, is one of the best ways to know the country in depth, and its locals, friendly and respectful people who are ultimately those who know the best spots to go with your board.

For the surfer travelers it is a wonderful land for all the opportunities it presents for surfing; a small country, easy to travel, added to its immense coastline, makes it easy to find the best conditions for surfing any day.

North Island
Here you will find the largest and most populated city of New Zealand, Auckland, from where you can start to the north, to the south, and both to the west coast and to the east coast of the island.

Starting at the north of the island is highly recommended that you do an surfari, renting a car that allows you to move around both coasts and discover all the beauty that hides, following routes as Twin Coast Discovery Highway, by the north end of the island.

On the north-west coast you will find magnificent landscapes almost untouched like Piha and Muriwai, with black sands and splendid waves. If you are more than golden beaches, you should visit Mangawhai or Te Arai on the northeast coast. Raglan, is a place of tradition adored by the local surfer community.

In the east of the North Island, you will find a calm and beautiful area, with waves in every corner. Places like Coromandel, Bay of Plenty and Gisborne are a must to surf or just relax on its amazing beaches.

In the southern area of ​​the North Island, in New Plymouth you will find Taranaki, not only famous for its waves and easily accessible beaches, but also for hosting film shoots like "The Last Samurai." In this southern part of the island, is the capital, Wellington, another good strategic point to move around the island.

South Island
Here is the third city of the country, Christchurch, perhaps the nerve center located on the east coast from which you should move around the island. Travel from here to Kaikoura, where you can spot whales, and even surf along with dolphins and seals.

Let's not forget the west coast, where we find a great route to drive between Westport and Greymouth with spectacular views and high frequency waves.

In the south of the island we find Dunedin, without a doubt, one of the best regions of New Zealand for surfing, with lots of waves, but with lower temperatures, due to its greater proximity to Antarctica.