Wild, cold-water adventure surf

Get ready to experience the wild beauty of Canada's surf scene. From the chilly waters of Tofino to the endless breaks of Nova Scotia, our curated selection of surf experiences has something for every level of surfer. Explore the local culture, sample the delicious cuisine, and soak up the stunning scenery on some of the most beautiful beaches in North America.

Canada's surf scene may be small, but it's mighty. The country's rugged coastline is home to some of the best waves in North America, from the powerful breaks of Tofino to the world-famous point breaks of Nova Scotia. But surfing in Canada is not just about the waves. It's also about the breathtaking scenery, the friendly locals, and the unique culture of this vast and diverse country.

When you're not surfing, there's plenty to do in Canada. Explore the vibrant city of Vancouver, hike in the stunning Banff National Park, or discover the rich history and traditions of the indigenous peoples of British Columbia. And don't forget to sample the delicious local cuisine, from fresh seafood on the coast to poutine in Quebec.

Canada may not be the most obvious destination for surfers, but it's a hidden gem that's waiting to be discovered. With a friendly and welcoming surf community, world-class waves, and stunning natural beauty, Canada is the perfect destinatio