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Totalsurfcamp is the world’s first surfcamp directory. Totalsurfcamp allows surfcamp owners, surf schools, and surf lodgings to post their establishments to the directory, and allows surfers from around the world to search and find surfcamps by country, beach, services or whatever they want to search for…

If you want to learn how to surf and make some friends, a surfcamp is the perfect option. But how do you find the perfect surfcamp for you? Totalsurfcamp makes it easy because it puts a list of surf camps, schools, and lodgings at your fingertips, totally free. Totalsurfcamps wants to make life easy for you and therefore created this themed directory that allows you to search by themes and keywords and find organized information about surfcamps.

Totalsurfcamp has the best surf spots, lodging with views that let you see if it’s high tide, the friendliest barbecues, the funniest surfing stories, the brightest living rooms, the coolest sea breezes, the most relaxing breakfasts, the best campfire songs, the coldest beers on the beach, the most intense afternoons of your favorite sport, the most unforgettable times with you friends, and a passion for surfing. Whether or not you’re an experienced surfer, you have at your disposal the highest quality waves known to man and can enjoy a 100% surfer atmosphere.

What type of lodging do you prefer?

Are you looking for an all-inclusive surfcamp, partially inclusive, or do you just want to have breakfast?

How many hours per day do you want to surf?

Would you like your daily workouts to be recorded and analyzed?

What’s your level?

Do you also want to improve your English or Spanish?

Are you interested in complementary activities, from windsurfing to yoga?

Do you want a garden with an additional shower for the summer, a large game area, hammocks for relaxing, racks for you surfboard or hat, and an area where you can hang your wetsuit and swimsuit?

Whatever you’re looking for, there’s no excuse not to find the surfcamp of your dreams. So browse Totalsurfcamp and the same morning you’ll be packing you bags and beginning a dream. Whether you’re considering a surf camp for children, only male or female, adults, an English surfcamp or a surfcamp in Hawaii you only have to put what you want and Totalsurfcamp will find the surfcamp designed for you. It doesn’t matter if you want to experiment at Easter, July and August, spring and fall or during any part of the year. Totalsurfcamp is sure that in this directory you will find the perfect place to enjoy some surfing and the environment around, where you can start surfing, or better develop your surfing, in a healthy, fun and safe manner that’s fun for all ages.

Some surfcamps standout for their pool, others for their friendly atmosphere and the closeness of nature they offer, others for their English, for their teaching methods that help students achieve the most during their stay, for giving excellent and strictly enforced security measures. But all surfcamps in this directory are recognized for the quality of the beach and its surf spots, the most beautiful and lush, which allows you to enjoy surfing at its purest.