4 surf camps for learning to surf in Euskadi

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12 · 19 · 2017

The Basque Country, Euskadi, is a pioneer in terms surfing, for several reasons. The first is that it is part of the 'prehistory' of European surfing. The second is that it's part of the early history of Spanish surfing. The third has to do with the first National Surfing chapter. And the last has to do with the birth of the current Spanish Surfing Federation (Federación Española de Surf, or Fesurf).

The story goes that the first 2 surfboards which have references to Europe, were brought to Spain in 1914 by Alaves Ignacio de Arana, the first Spanish consul in Hawaii between 1911 and 1914, who also brought a copy of the first book of surf history, 'The Surf Riders of Hawaii,' published in Honolulu in those early years of the twentieth century. There are only 5 copies left in the world, today.

The first Spanish Surf Club was formed in Euskadi, the Euromar Surf Club of Zarauz (Guipúzcoa), which was the driving force for the creation of the early National Surfing Chapter (Sección Nacional de Surf , or SNS). Some members became famous surfers, such as Viescas, Andoni Eizmendi, Gabriel Villegas and Pedro Martinez-Albornoz.

The first Spanish Surfing Federation (Federación Española de Surf, or Fesurf), which was actually only the SNS, dependent on the Spanish Waterskiing Federation, was completely promoted from Zarautz and Club Euromar, thanks to the friendship of Pedro Martinez de Albornoz's parents with the Physical Education and Sports Delegate, Juan Antonio Samaranch, who later became president of the Spanish Olympic Committee and later still, the International president. Pedro Martinez-Albornoz became the first president of the SNS.

After the disappearance of the SNS in the 80s, the presence of a Spanish team in the International Surfing Championships was possible thanks to the efforts of prominent Basque surfers and some sponsors from Euskadi. Finally, in 1987, when the Committee for the Spanish Surf Federation was formed, which eventually became the Spanish Federation of Surf (Fesurf), 2 Notable Basque surfers need to be mentioned: Mitxel Verdes and Jon Susaeta.

So the Basque Country has a great surfing tradition, which, along with its fantastic beaches, XXL waves, the affability of its people, the beauty of its green landscapes and renowned cuisine, make this area an amazing place to learn surfing and, of course, to practice.

Below, you will discover four outstanding surfcamps, where you can learn to surf, driven by this great surfing tradition and its wild waves, driven by winds from the North. Enjoy!

Surf Camp Zarautz
Surf Camp Zarautz
Zarautz beach, Zarautz, Guipúzcoa, Basque Country.

Located just 5 minutes from the beach and Zarautz boardwalk, Zarautz Surf Camp is a luxury camp offering surfing lessons at all levels, every day of the year, in small groups, taught by expert, qualified teachers, so you will enjoy surfing and classes in a safe and efficient manner. Furthermore, they organize parties in town and on the beach, trips to Donostia (San Sebastian) and other fun activities so you won't get bored.

Moana Surf Hostel
Moana Surf Hostel

Arrietara-Atxabiribil beach, Sopelana, Vizcaya, Basque Country.

With gold and dark sands surrounded by several cliffs, Arrietara-Atxabiribil beach is actually the union of Arrietara beach and Atxabiribil beach, and is the second longest in Biscay, after Bakio Beach. Moana Surf Hostel is a different surf camp located in an area privileged for its green environment and its proximity to some of the best surfing beaches on the Basque coast: Sopelana, Barrika, Bakio, Getxo, Mundaka...

Laga Surf Camp
Laga Surf Camp

Laga Beach, Ibarrangelu, Vizcaya, Basque Country.

Located on the beautiful dune beach of Laga, on the Urdaibai estuary at the end of Ogoño, in the municipality of Ibarrangelu Vizcaya, the Laga Surf Camp stands out because you can find the best waves there for all levels. In addition, Mundaka beach, with the best left wave in Europe, is only 5 minutes away. As an added value it features surfboards for all levels, including boards for easy learning and boards of the best materials for further improvement.

Barrika Surf Camp
Barrika Surf Camp

Barrika beach, Barrika, Vizcaya, Basque Country.

25 km from Bilbao, on a wild 600 meters long beach, surrounded by spectacular cliffs, Barrika Surf Camp is the ideal place to get started enjoying surfing in their fabulous setting. Furthermore, if you're an experienced surfer, you have at your fingertips high quality waves, meeting people, and enjoying a 100% surfing atmosphere. It's a real alternative for learning to surf in a fun and safe way.

You have to note that thanks to the warm Gulf Stream, the Basque coast enjoys a much milder winter than would be expected at its high latitude. This is why the Basque Country is ideal for surfing in any season, although the summer, with sleeping waves, is the best for beginner surfers; spring, with intense sessions and calm surf, for intermediate surfers; fall, the season of the best waves with the best conditions, the surfer season par excellence; and winter, with constant waves every day, is the time for more experienced surfers, looking for the 'perfect wave' and, perhaps, they'll find it.