5 tips to turn your Surfcamp into the desire of surfers

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Laura Vilchez
05 · 18 · 2018

More and more surf lovers are deciding to open a Surfcamp, in reality it´s a business with very big growth expectations and a great future. So, it is no longer enough to just to provide the basic services of the traditional surf school as were rental equipment and lessons ... surfers are looking for much more than that in these places, and today we are recommending 5 services that you should include in your surf camp to make it a surfer´s desire.


Along with the offer of surf classes adapted to different levels, your surf camp should offer a wide range of parallel activities to allow users to know other disciplines such as kitesurfing, windsurfing, bodyboarding or completing their training routines with yoga classes, pilates, stretching or taichi, these will provide relaxation after a hard training session.

People who visit Surfcamp are also active and adventurous looking to try on new sports, so give them what they want, more action. For adrenaline lovers it can be a great idea to include among your activities, fat bikes beach or mountain routes, climbing wall, slack lines or even a small half pipe for skateboarders.

You can also organize pingpong, badminton, beach volleyball or basketball championships, there are hundreds of options at your fingertips to bring fun and entertainment to your Surfcamp.


Not everything is going to be a sports, for leisure moments a fact that will make the difference will be to have entertainment products such as billiards, playstation, movie projections, music, boardgames ... All that you can after a day of beach and surf to enjoy the free moments with other colleagues.

It´s a way of clearing the mind and in turn enriching it through cultural products external to the practice of surfing.


Surfers, as good athletes, are very concerned about their diet, so choosing the menu is key to choosing to go to your Surfcamp. In addition to providing healthy and good quality meals, you should adapt your menu to dietary regimes such as the paleo or veganism diets, as large numbers of athletes are on them.

Just as it´s necessary to offer the latest in technology, it´s to be updated on such fundamental issues as food, because failure to provide a vegan or gluten allergy diet can cause bad criticism and many customers loss.


Training sessions should be complemented with series in the gym to work skills such as strength, endurance or coordination. The lack of one on the premises can limit the clientele, so it is mandatory to have a gym in good condition, it´s not enough to have just a few weights and a rusty static bicycle.

Besides many surfers are outdoor gym lovers, it may be an option to consider for those Surfcamps which have enough grounds to offer both indoor outdoor options.


And finally, if a surfer is looking for a community, it is in their culture, in their way of relating to others. This can undoubtedly mark the main difference with the competitors.

A Surfcamp which knows how to create a good community is assured success.

How to create community? In order to achieve this, it should be a priority to carry out activities that involve all the people there, such as barbecues, concerts, evening parties or theme parties, there are dozens of possibilities to integrate all surfers and make their experience unique.

You already have the keys to get catapult your Surfcamp to success, now it's up to you.