8 surf films you can watch in Netflix

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Alvaro Pastor
07 · 19 · 2019

With the year 2019 moving forward, Netflix and the different VOD platforms continue having a huge space in our daily and eventual leisure. Who has not arrive home after a hard work day and the only thing that you have done is being hooked to the last series that has been released or watching a movie marathon until falling asleep?

We know that during this days in parts of the world and for many people, it's summer and there are ideal conditions for surfing. Sun, good temperature and big waves. But, for the rest of the unfortunates that cant't surf now due to different circumstances, we must look for solutions.

Yes, you can go to a lake or pool of artificial waves, but not in all places around the world you can enjoy that new invention that makes life easier for the surfer. Some of us just have to wait until the holiday season to catch the surfboard and go for a few waves.

But, to make the wait more pleasant, we have created a list of films and documentaries related to the culture of surf that you can enjoy on Netflix. If this weekend you can't take waves, you don't have plans or you just want to stay at home, but you can't get rid of your head surf, do not hesitate and prepare the blanket and sofa.

Bfore we startt, this list may vary depending on the region of Netflix in which you are, maybe one of those mentioned do not appear, good luck!


We start the list with this road trip movie. The film will immerse you in a Hawaiian family of surfers who travel around the world and intend that throughout hese trips, the children grow and learn everything they discover around them. As spectators, we will live in the skin of the child of the family and see through their eyes the 15 different countries of the world, through the family moves in a small caravan for a year.


Under an Arctic Sky

We have this documentary film, with which we will travel to the north coast of Iceland, where the team capture the trip of six surfers who intend to surf waves of immense size. Cold and spectacular waves in the fjords of Iceland, with an unexpected surprise, the aurora borealis.



We continue with this short original documentary by Netflix, which faces a harsh situation in the United States. It reflects the reality of many war veterans, which when they return to their country, reach levels of suicides and psychiatric problems to a frightening level. Through the documentary, we discover how an Iraq war veteran finds people in a similar situation to his own and whose only salvation is the practice of surfing.

Fish People

This documentary is not exclusive to surf, but to the ocean and its capacity to move the sense of existence and the transforming effects of it for six different people of different origins, and how they dedicate their lives to it. A documentary presented by  Patagonia and Netflix that shows us from underwater surfers and fishermen to a former coal miner and a group of children at risk in San Francisco.

A plastic ocean

As surfers, we are one hundred percent aware of the environmental impact of human life. This documentary will impact you because of the power of the images, but it will help you maintain that awareness and respect for the care of the oceans, essential part of the Earth.


Surf's up

Despite being an animated film, it doesn't have to be addressed to the youngest members of the family. In fact, he simulates a fake documentary in which he shows us the story of a teenage yellow tuft penguin, Cody Maverick, a surfer, when he enters his first professional competition and is followed by a recording team to document his experiences. The just drops of sentimentality and a delight for mature animation.


Soul surfer

Film based on real factsl tells the life of the surfer Bethany Hamilton,a teenager who returns to the competition after losing an arm by the attack of a shark.


This biographical and documentary film shows the turbulent personal life of surfer Dadá Figuereiredo and how it destroyed his meteoric career, since he was considered an idol in the 70s in Brazil.

We hope you enjoy the list of films that we have presented or at least that we have served as inspiration, since each of them reflects in a different way the different pillars that make the community and the surf culture special.