How to respond to a negative review of your Surfcamp

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Laura Vilchez
05 · 18 · 2018

You wake up like any other morning, turn on your computer and ... OH TRAGEDY, there´s a negative review of your SurfCamp. You get angry and you are prepared to answer them without contemplation. MISTAKE! It´s often difficult to deal with these situations and even more when it´s the first time or when the tone of the complaint is very aggressive. Therefore we must always have an action plan and take into account some important tips.

First of all, you should know that a negative review is not the end of the world, in fact, it can actually be the salvation of your problems. Experts in brand and monitoring metrics, say that 10-15% of negative opinions is the ideal percentage for a balanced and healthy company. This helps the veracity of other opinions because, what feeling would give you to read 100% positive opinions? Surely, you would question the company, since it is difficult for the total of customers to agree. 

Each experience is lived in a different way and with some pre-defined ideas that will create different expectations in each person, making it practically impossible to obtain positive reviews of all clients.

Today, from Total Surf Camp, we are going to help you change the mental set and see what could be a disaster for many as an opportunity to take advantage of, showing the customers that you listen to them and that their opinions are important to you.

A survey conducted by TripAdvisor shows that 84% of Internet users are positively influenced, during their decision-making, to a conflict adequate response from a company. On the contrary, 64% is negatively influenced by an inadequate response.

These data show us the importance of the response, given by the company, to a negative review, but not only with regards to the conflict resolution and to try to change the opinion of that client, but with a view to being crucial in the future customers purchase decision.

Besides it´s a display for attracting new customers, we also have to see in these types of reviews an aid to the implementation of changes in the Surf Camp, eliminating future crises from an early start. What is this about? In many cases, clients perceive problems that we did not have knowledge of and that sooner or later we would have to solve.

Tips to consider

1.- The first and most important is that you should never ignore the existence of a problem, either by the denial that there is a problem to deal with or by the direct elimination of any reference to it in the reviews.
Surely many of you have fallen into the temptation to eliminate a comment that has not been to your liking, but this is a practice totally prohibited for those who want to follow a correct digital strategy. This fact can worsen the situation and create an authentic crisis in the company.
It should be noted that sometimes the best answer is to ignore, but this only applies in the event that the client loses his or her reason for using a very aggressive tone and without any foundation, only in these cases will this possibility should be selected. Don´t send the message that the company doesn´t care about the customer's opinion.

2.- Issuing an honest, consistent and fast response is essential when answering a negative review. The client must feel heard and understood, which is why they invest their time in recording their incidents during their experience. If the client becomes sympathetic, then the goal will be achieved.
When we say quickly, we don´t mean heated or impulsive, as this could cause a bad answer. Answers always must be meditated and measured.

3 .- Before deciding the answer, the facts must be studied in order to gather as much information as possible to create a customized response and offer solutions. Sometimes incentives, such as discounts, are a good way to create a positive feeling towards the SurfCamp.
You should always highlight the changes that are planned or have already been made, as an answer to a review.

4.- Always show appreciation for the time dedicated to exposing their experience, as well as for all those positive aspects that have been referenced. Not always everything is bad!
As well as apologizing for not meeting their expectations, emphasizing that you shall meet these during their next visit in view of the changes made by their complaint.