The Importance of Using Quality Photos for Your Surf Camp’s Website

Laura Vilchez's picture
Laura Vilchez
05 · 18 · 2018

For many years now we have witnessed the rising power of the visual over other forms of communication. The saying “an image is worth a thousand words” has never before been as important as in the last decade, where the art of selling your product depends on how you show it to the world. One stunning image of high quality and creativity adds tremendous value to our products, calling our customers’ attention to it and becoming a key factor when deciding whether to buy your product or not.

1.- Don’t utilize stock images

Many times we fall into the temptation of resorting to large image banks to create our new website. Although this strategy would allow us to save money on our budget, since we do not need to hire a professional photographer or gather our own team and equipment to do them ourselves, it ultimately detracts from the surf camp’s personality and authenticity. 

2.-Capture your camp’s essence in each image

Your surf camp’s personality must be present in each of your website’s images. To do so, the first thing you must do is analyze the personality of your brand (fun, adventurous, free, sporty, friendly…). Once you have done this analysis, you need to ensure that your surf camp’s personality shines through in each of your photos. This can be done, for example, by using vivid colors to demonstrate joy or photos of large groups of people to demonstrate community. Your images must communicate what you are all about. That is the first step to increasing the number of customers you get, and ultimately earning their trust.

3.- Show your surf camp and your team

To capture the attention of your future customers you must appear relatable, as you are, without decorations, and for this, the best thing you can do is have you and your team appear in your photographs, personalizing and humanizing your surf camp in this way. You must transgress the cold digital front of the internet and move the consumer, making them a participant of your business; only then will you capture a new client.

4.- Quality Photographs

If there exists one critical characteristic of the photographs you decide to exhibit on your websites, it has to be quality. If the quality of a photograph is poor, it can lessen even the grandest project in a viewer’s eyes. If we don’t have a good team of photographers, or if we don’t know how to correctly capture the essence of our surf camp, the next best option is hiring a professional. After all, one amazing photograph can be the difference between gaining a new valued customer or losing them to someone else.

5.- Make your product attractive

Show your surf camp’s attractive side, that special corner that makes it different, your facilities and commodities, photos of the beach at sunset… You have hundreds of options to take advantage of your business, because if there is anything unique and special about each surf camp, it is it’s magnificent location and the spectacularness of its activities, as is the case with surfing. One photo taken while surfing the waves or one of your surfboard and other equipment captured with a creative, unique style, can be very attractive to future customers. Besides, it serves you little to have a precise and detailed description of your services, if it is not accompanied by a striking photograph that reflects what you say and grabs your reader's attention.