The must visit surf destinations in Australia

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07 · 19 · 2019

Australia is the world's largest island, although considered a continent, not an island. It’s still a big island.

Offering 34,218km of coastline, this makes Australia one of the best and most sort after surf destinations in the world. Australia has an active surf population of over 1.7 million, there is no doubt why surfers from all parts of the world want to catch waves here.

The question is though, where? If you live here, the answer is normally your local beach, but for anyone else outside of Australia, this question is a little more challenging. We will run over our top picks for you to visit.

What are the best surf spots in Australia?

There are over 10,685 beaches in Australia, choosing which one to go to is a monstrous task, we have taken the data, popularity, surf conditions, weather and wave size into consideration when producing our list.


1. Avalon Beach, Central Coast, NSW

Avalon beach is well known for its shortboard, and longboard surfers, a “must visit” location. Spanning only 500m long, the south-east facing beach is surrounded by breathtaking 60m high sandstone cliffs.

Avalon beach isn’t known for its overly large swell at just 0.6m (2ft) high, but the crystal clear waters, clean surf, and a dedicated surfing area makes Avalon beach our number 1 pick.

Offering some great local amenities such as:

- Beautiful beach view picnic areas

- All age group playgrounds, and fitness areas

- Clean, well maintained public toilets

- Ocean water, natural rock pools

- Freshwater - non-time limit public showers

- Australian Surf Life Saving patrolled beach

- Close to Sydney CBD

Central Coast also is well-known for their friendly cafes, hotels, and campgrounds. Cost of traveling is affordable, and the beaches are kept clean with daily council funded cleanups.


2. Knights Beach, South Australia

Known for hosting the Pro Bodyboarding Competitions, Knights beach is not a beginner level surfing destination, offering an average 3m sweet, deep barrels and stunning water.

Just 85km from south Victor Harbor, Knights beach is central and offers beachgoers beautiful tropical conditions, local shops and amenities at a low cost.

Although the beach is known for its bodyboarding, surfing isn’t unseen, surfing is welcomed and local surf shops are aplenty. But, in Australia, you’re not limited to local surf shops, there are plenty of online ones as well, such as Surf Nation.

What you’ll find at Knights beach:

- Local clean toilets

- Cafes, restaurants, and tourist attractions.

- 3m waves

- Deep clear water barrels

- Friendly, affordable campsites nearby


3. Waitpinga Beach, South Australia

Offering 3m swells, beautiful surrounding forestry, and clean sandy shores are just the start when it comes to Waitpinga beach, or known by the locals as “waits”.

Advised by locals, online and even well-experienced surfers, to only surf with friends, or company. Waits is known for its high rip rate, and therefore, classed as a hazardous beach. Waits isn’t patrolled and secluded from the public so surfing alone is very dangerous.

With a friend, or with someone else though, you will be spoilt for space, the massive beach gives an option of location, 3m high swells, beautiful blue waters, perfect for photography.

If you’re traveling and planning on going to waits, you will need to hire a car, waits don’t offer public transport, nor does it offer local shops, amenities, or showers. Just great surf conditions.


4. Kalbarri, Western Australia

Don’t miss out on visiting Kalbarri, it might be a 6-hour road trip from Perth's CBD, but it’s worth the trip. Offering huge 200m left-hand breaks and 5-metre swells. Kalbarri is one of the best surf locations in the world, not just Australia.

With waves as big as 5m, it’s expected by locals that you’re a well-experienced surfer. Having been surfed at by some of the worlds best, you never know who you’ll see when you visit!

You don’t just get large swells at Kalbarri, but also:

- Fresh food markets

- Friendly local surf shops

- Reasonably priced food, and cafes

- Free local campsites

- Clean beaches

- Naturally warmed rockpools

- Amenities


5. Dicky Beach, Queensland

One of Australia’s most beautiful beaches, home to the S.S Dicky, and some of the most stunning sand dunes.

In 1893, the S.S Dicky crashed ashore, giving dicky beach its name. The shipwreck remains on show for locals, and tourists alike.

Located on the sunshine coast, it’s strongly advised you wear sunscreen, known as the highest UV rating in the world tourists are caught out every day, sunscreen is a must. Use sunscreen, tropical wax, and a shortboard, and you’ll enjoy Dicky beach.

You’ll also find:

- Breathtaking photo opportunities

- Local photographers out daily

- Popular “shories”

- White, as white gets sand.

- Amazing local tourist attractions

- Beach access campsites



Whether you visit one of the beaches above or choose your own. Australia has everything you could ever want on a surf trip. Beautiful beaches, friendly locals, clear waters and well-patrolled beaches.

Whether you shop online whilst you're here or buy from a local surf shop, the service and customer friendly salesmen know the beaches, and can offer advice free of charge.

Original article was written by Brodey Sheppard.