Only for surfers with new resolutions

12 · 27 · 2018

We don't know about you, but this year 2019 in Totalsurfcamp we are sure about it. We are going to cross out each of the resolutions that we include in the famous list of "things to do this year". 

As surf lovers we reveal some of the purposes we have added.

Care about the ocean

Yeah, it's true. this must be included in all type of resolutions list, because in the task of taking care about the ocean, all help is necessary. Whether you hit the record of hours catching waves, or if you are more of watching from the shore.

Something that we must avoid is that some projects like Seabin Project go unnoticed. Therefore, we propose to contribute to the greatest number of initiatives in short term.

You may not take it for granted and carry the table in one hand and the garbage you have found along the way in the other, but unfortunately it is not enough. Show our support and spread projects that have the necessary resources is essential .

Do not interfere

We reccommend you that before stealing any wave, imagine Mr. Karma looking at you from the beach.

It is the first and most important commandment of the surfers. This non-official rules code respected by all fans of this sport.

As you may know, some people have difficulties in waiting for the turn, but the temptation must be less than the respect. The purpose is clear, do not interfere, always check if someone is catching the wave before paddling to catch you and if in doubt do not go.

If you accidentally interfere with someone, it is best to apologize and if you are already catching the wave and see someone about to interfere, it is best to hit a polite shout "Hey" so they know you are there.

We talk about day-to-day, every hard workout in which you share medium with those who love surfing as much as you do.

There are no excuses, the  "priority" belongs to the surfer who is closest to the peak, this is to the point at which a certain wave begins to break.

If you decide not to catch it and you prefer to wait for a better one, keep the preference and the rejected wave passes to the next surfer closest to the peak that, likewise, can pick it up or leave it.

Do not surf so much, surf better

If you have associated it with the "you do not love so much, love me better" you know where we are going.

When we added this purpose the objective was clear, always surf in areas according to our abilities.

The weather factor must always be taken into account before putting on the neoprene. The problem is when certain areas become goals, causing a feeling of block up in your evolution, if you do not dare with them.

The truth is that taking a decision, which derives in a wrong area, can be counterproductive.

Be realistic, assess your skills and focus on the technique, if you are more time under the table than above, start and return the next summer.

It's not about being into the water for hours, there are short sessions that involve improvements in leaps and bounds, and long attempts that exhaust physically and emotionally and that fill our heads with excuses not to return the following weekend.

The man is the only animal that stumbles twice in the same wave

There are certain mistakes that go with us throughout the year, and we believe it is time to leave them behind:

- Warm up and do not forget to stretch, the first pull is acceptable, the rest are 100% avoidable. Spend more time pre-training and omit injuries.

- Do not compare yourself, do not copy postures, listen to your body and feel comfortable in the surfboard.

- It is time to invest in your own team, you have been using lent material for months and each time a different one. In order to move on to the next one, it is essential to work with equipment adapted to your weight and your level.

This year, yes, reserve the surftrip you've always wanted

You deserve it, after several years postponing it comes the time to realize one of your most desired dreams.

It is the perfect excuse to travel, the time to meet in person with the wave of which you have spoken so much, seen in video or practiced in your head.

In addition to meet incredible people, it will be the motivation kick that will make you not want to get off the board anymore. Do not make excuses,
plan it, convince your friends and go surfing!


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