In search of the wave perfect... in Munich

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12 · 19 · 2017

It City German of Munich, in the center of Europe, with temperatures low 0 and to 500 kilometers of the coast, is has become in a paradise for them lovers of the Surf end that arrive in any time of the year to the capital of Bavaria looking for the wave perfect in the Eisbach, in Castilian ' River of ice ' , an artificial stream that crosses its popular Englischer Garten (' English garden ') and where it is forbidden to bathe and, of course, surfing.

But to the passivity of the municipal authorities, surfing on the ' River of ice ' has become in few years in an authentic tradition while import time of the year, the cold rain or snow, because neither the local surfers and outsiders worry about the weather and just think of the fun. Therefore, during most of the year and especially in winter, it is impressing to see there a lot of surfers with appropriate boards and wetsuits, clear, surrounded by curious sheltered up to the eyebrows by low temperatures, with the umbrella open by torrential rains or skating in the surroundings when snow covers the beautiful landscape of the ' English garden ' one of the world's great urban parks.

Although many accidents, unregistered surfing on the Eisbach in Munich is somewhat dangerous because water gains enough speed when leaving the bridge where it forms a natural wave when it collides against the rocks of the Fund, which are just 40 centimeters from the surface. Even surfers themselves increase the height of the waves by tying strings to the bridge.

Of course surfing on the Eisbach is less dynamic than do so at sea, especially because it's a very small space compared with the oceanic expanses, however waves are much more predictable and surfers know how to take its different sections. And, for spectators is also much more fun, precisely because of its small size: they listen to feedback from surfers, they is exhorted in among them with jokes and cries of I encourage and applaud wanting to when one makes a good maneuver.

But in Munich not only is surf in the Eisbach, because very close, in the 'Flosslande ', a ' point of transshipment in raft ' of the river Isar, there is another wave that them lovers of the surf local not let escape. It's a good wave for beginners, less dangerous and more wide, so it can surf multiple people at the same time. There is held every year, since 1972, the Surf Open', a competition which was attended by surfers from all over the world and at all levels and that is disputed in 2 sleeves: the first surfers have 30 seconds to make a good maneuver. The second is the final competition where the top-ranked first. Then the wave opens to all surfers, although they have not participated in the competition, and the evening is celebrated a big party with live music and barbecue, in the style of the typical characteristic of the surfing lifestyle 'beach party'.