Surfing and yoga, the perfect equation.

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Alvaro Pastor
07 · 19 · 2019

In a world in which the immediate priority is the key, dominated by new technologies and social media, a priori activities as different as surfing and yoga, are gaining continuously followers due to its component of disconnection of stress and reconnection with one same.

The word yoga means union. Union of body and mind, with the environment and with oneself. In surfing, it is very important to have the mind and body focused to perform the precise movement at the right time and in this way take that wave that we had been waiting for so long. That's why surfing and yoga create synergies with each other, building the perfect tandem. We could say that yoga contributes a lot to surfing and not so much the other way around. But in short, there are two disciplines that together add one hundred percent in any of the aspects.

Enjoying these two physical activities means that our mind is focused on the moment. Don't let the day-to-day thoughts or concerns disperse our attention to do what we like and fill us.

Yoga consists of three parts: the asanas (exercises), pranayamas (breathing) and meditation. The realization of the three will greatly help us in our surfing. Guaranteed.

Thanks to the exercises the body will gradually give way and you will not find restrictions in the joints. There are numerous physical benefits that yoga brings to surfing, among which we highlight a better balance, an increase in flexibility, greater coordination and strength. With all these ingredients of the cocktail it is logical that our surfing technique is more fluid and therefore better.

There is no need to perform the perfect posture. First of all, we must respect the limits of our body so as not to damage it. Asanas can also be used as a heating method, helping to prevent injuries by releasing muscle tension and increasing joint mobility.

The fewer physical limitations we have, the greater the level of concentration we will achieve. That is why the mental benefits of yoga also influence surfing. We can only focus on the present, on the wave we take or on the maneuvers we want to do. In short, enjoy the moment achieving what we propose.

But not only affect concentration. The practice of Yoga can help us find calm in stressful situations in the water, like a strong wave that keeps you long submerged. If the mind remains calm, the body will be able to act better. In this way we can row with more force or avoid consuming all the oxygen under water.

That is why we believe it is essential to leave a list with the simplest positions that will help you in your odyssey with the waves. Just do them calmly, we do not want anyone to be injured:

The Downward dog: A good warm-up and stretching exercise of the body before starting.

The Cow Head: Posture for beginners that generates work through the hips, buttocks and thighs. It will improve the general mobility of the legs which is a must to stand on the table.

Chaturanga Dandasana: It is a strengthening posture in which the weight of the body rests on the hands and feet. We have to maintain the position between 8 and 10 breaths.

The Fighter Asana: De pie, separa las piernas lateralmente entre un metro y un metro y medio y estira los brazos. Este ejercicio mejorará tu equilibrio.

Upward Dog: This position has direct benefits on surfing, since it follows the same body pattern as when the surfer gets up to stand on the board. It greatly improves flexibility.

The Lobster: Excellent asana for surfers since it strengthens the back of the body including arms and legs, shoulders and chest. This exercise should be a "must have" of a yoga and surfing routine because most of the strength during surfing comes from the muscles of the back.

The Eagle: It will help and improve the flexibility and mobility of the shoulders. This posture will benefit us especially after surfing.

We hope that after reading this little article and recommendations you decide to add yoga to the equation that forms with surfing.

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