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The Surftrip Map: el mapa con los mejores lugares para surfear
04 · 24 · 2019Por Alvaro Pastor
Like in pirate stories in which everyone has or craves the treasure map, what would you think of having a specifically designed map to mark your best surf spots in the world? We already know that through the era of Internet and hyper-connectivity, everything is now as easy as taking the phone out of your pocket and search for a location to have it in your hand, but on the other hand the physical...
The World's Best Surf Destinations
01 · 18 · 2017Por César Álvarez
Finding a great surf destination isn't difficult these days, and once someone has surfed an excellent spot, it isn't long before others know about it. Travelling to these destinations may not be the easiest thing to do, but if you have the desire and some serious cash, you can ride the waves. The best surfers in the sport have scoured the Earth looking for the best sites, and here are some of the...