Tesla continues its eco-friendly policy by entering the world of surfing

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Alvaro Pastor
07 · 19 · 2019

Elon Musk has stood out for making his company known as the pioneer in producing 100% electric cars with a large autonomy and therefore clean and non-polluting. In addition, the success is due to a magnificent market positioning thanks to the exclusivity, elegance and constant innovation of the same company. Due to aspects such as Corporate Social Responsibility and its commitment to the environment, Tesla has continued to grow as one of the leading companies of the 21st century.

But in Tesla, although many don`t know, being a company considered as premium, products are manufactured that go beyond sustainable vehicles. Among other examples in his official store we can find clothes, mobile chargers and the latest to appear, a surfboard.

Tesla Surfboard, the most expensive non-electric object in its catalog

Yes, although it may seem incredible, from Tesla (which at the moment is still a car company) they have set their sights on surfing, a water sport that moves masses worldwide, to continue with this promotional work that is giving them such good results and staying away from traditional advertising models, at least in countries like Spain. So we can say that Tesla is launching zero emissions in the water to conquer the waves from Sillicon Valley.

But behind the launch of the Tesla Surfboard, there is also an important marketing strategy that wants to relate the brand with the promotion of eco-friendly sports. Nothing is a casuality. If you want to know more about initiatives that have emerged in surfing to make it more sustainable, visit this blog article.

Therefore, Tesla continues with its line of products zero emissions bringing to market the incredible surfboard that was put on sale last August in its official store. The peculiar thing of this object, is that it was launched a limited edition of 200 units and without making much noise it managed to sell them all in less than a day. This has made it an object prized by collectors, currently reaching three times the original price of $ 1500.


¿Surfboard or collector's item to decorate interiors?

Its price is of course very high, and we still do not know if its use is justified as a real instrument for surfing or as a decorative element in the living room of a Californian beach house.
Actually, the table originated from Tesla Design Studio, in collaboration with Matt Biolos and Lost Surfboards, the creator and one of the most prestigious brands in the sector, so in such collaboration it was difficult for something to go wrong.

The design is impressive and pleasing to the eye, the contrast of red and black, and in turn bright and matt make this table a delight for the eyes. The table is built in the same mixture of material used in vehicles.

But not only is it a beautiful object. Also like Tesla vehicles it incorporates the most advanced technology. The upper part and the edges of the board are made of a material registered by Lost Surfboards, "Black Dart" a mixture of carbon fibers and glass fibers, which provides resistance to impacts, hardness and a very small weight. The lower part incorporates two layers of fabric to give as much elasticity as possible and reduce dents. However, the table did not incorporate the keels. Tesla has also ensured that the table will be transportable in its models S, X and 3.

If we compare with other surfboards, the Tesla far exceeds the price, but who knows, maybe they do not return to make it for what can be a long-term investment. Anyway, it is appreciated that leading companies like the one named are interested in a sport as wonderful as surfing.