Dreamsea Surf Camp Costa Rica

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Located in Tamarindo, in a nature reserve, on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, next to the most beautiful beaches in Central America. It is the perfect place to have a vacation in contact with nature, surrounded by monkeys, coatis, turtles, frogs, iguanas and birds of all kinds place. A Dreamsea interested transmit values ​​and a healthy, active and full of energy through the surf and beach life.

With them you will learn to surf with the best professionals. The conditions of waves and water temperature Playa Tamarindo make a perfect place to learn. You will receive 10 hours of classes per week, or 20 hours with the intensive course, which makes Dreamsea the best option if you are really interested in experience the surf and learn to surf. The instructors will be with you in the water at all times and giving instructions to ensure your safety. His Surfcamp follows fashion "glamping", ie it is a camping with style. The shops have all the comforts and mattresses are made truly to rest. Dare to be part of this great multicultural family.

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