Kauai Surf School

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Located in the oldest of the archipelago Hawaiian island of Kauai. It is an island of volcanic origin and is known as "Garden Isle" for its lush vegetation. The coast is dotted with many beautiful beaches and charming historic villages. It is perhaps the most beautiful and authentic island of Hawaii. Kauai Surf School is located on the sunny Poipu Beach. They offer surf lessons throughout the year; Private, semi-private or in small groups.

They are suitable for beginners and intermediate surfers. The basis of his teaching are knowledge of the ocean, water safety and fun. There are surf clinics 3 days for families, groups of friends or just for you. If you prefer, you can opt for the services of a guide to navigate surf surf spots best suited to your level. The guide will provide you with professional surfing knowledge of the reefs and waves as well as the ability to train advanced navigation techniques. Surfcamps lasts at least 6 days. They may be unique to a group of yourself, for families and for girls. Also, you get the opportunity to learn, if you request, from the hand of one of the best teachers Billabong team. Kauai Surf House is located on Poipu Beach and has several accommodation options.

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