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From the Sports Club Surfing World Cubelles we want to give all the surf lovers of the area the opportunity to participate and be part of a surfing community based on respect, friendship and, above all, the desire to have a great time, taking advantage of the desire To share the illusion by learning and teaching.

We also want to give you all the advantages of being part of a club, such as the option to federate, participate in the organization of club events, enjoy discounts and many more ... The reason for this club is the partners, they are the ones that keep it alive. All the activities and advantages are focused on him for his use and enjoyment ... The club is open to anyone who likes surfing or practice it and is interested in the Surfer philosophy (Respect to the environment, PEACE and good waves) and who wants to get involved with us. We enjoy our PASSION by sharing our knowledge and teaching. Our objective is to promote the practice of surfing and the different modalities of the surfing world to the public, especially Cubelles, regardless of context, age or performance level. The sliding with a board on any surface causes a FREEDOM and sensations completely indescribable, therefore, we love and practice sliding sports such as surfing and Longboard for a decade. At the Sports Club Surfing World Cubelles you will find a fun experience where you can enjoy and know the different SENSATIONS and modalities of the surf world in a friendly and familiar environment !!

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