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The Mentawai Islands are renowned worldwide as a surfer's paradise, and the reason for that is simple: the incredible abundance and variety of waves, unmatched anywhere else on Earth. There are left-handers and right-handers, rippable walls and perfect barrels, easy waves for beginners, challenging waves for experts, and everything in between.

This is without doubt one of the world's foremost surfing destinations, with a range of waves that is practically infinite Awera Resort is strategically located, and from our resort we can see more than 7 waves. In Our amazing bay holds three breaks, but we also have a fleet of boats to move our guests to the best bet every single day. Waves are mostly in the two to six-foot range depending on the wave spot all year long. Between April and October, the islands receive constant swells. Shoulder season months generally have smaller swells but are also less crowded. World-class surfing points like Telescopes, Iceland, Scarecrows and other 10 surf spots are in 20 minute range boat area. One of the famous spots that you can easily get from the resort is Telescope, it takes less than 10 minutes to get there by our private speedboat. Its one of the best waves in Mentawai, friendly and perfect for turns or to try safe barrels.

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