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Paradise Surf Camp is located in Tanjung Setia Headland, 30 minutes south of Krui, on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Sumatra is the world's fifth largest island and the largest island of Indonesia. It has a variety of vegetation and wildlife but unfortunately the deforestation that has made him lose up to 50% of its forest has endangered tigers, elephants, rhinos and orangutans.

If it is not a well known surf destination it will not be for its magnificent surf spots, but for being a 6 hours drive from the main airport.

The southern coast of Sumatra rivals any part of Indonesia in terms of consistency and quality of the waves. The main advantage of isolation is that the waves are still uncrowded and reaching them requires a little spirit of adventure. Paradise Surf Camp is next to the best known of the area, Krui Krui Ujung Bocur wave, but there are waves everywhere. Here you will get all the necessary information about them, besides being able to hire a guide, rent a bike or car and of course, meet other surfers who share information and leave expedition. The Paradise Surf Camp philosophy is that everyone free to do whatever you want to feel, no curfews or buses waiting.

They offer cheap, comfortable and clean bungalows. Each has a small porch overlooking the sea. They try to make everyone feel good, like a big family, organizing pool games and sharing some beers.

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